TA, TB, TC, two seater PA/B and NA Luggage racks

The original style luggage rack that sits above the spare wheel / petrol tank has a number of disadvantages. When loaded, it completely obscures any view to the rear, placing a heavy load high above the roll centre and makes the car less stable, it makes it virtually impossible to fill the fuel tank when loaded and finally, it is difficult to fit, damaging the tank straps.

Unable to find a suitable alternative, I have resorted to designing a luggage rack that addresses these problems. It consists of two arms fitted to the existing “spare” holes in the rear of the chassis (TA, TB and TC, they will need to be drilled for the earlier MMM cars) supporting a flat rack positioned behind the spare wheel. Not only is this very easy to fit, it folds up when not in use. On my recent trip to the Le Mans Classic, mine proved very effective, carrying not only my luggage but all the camping paraphernalia.

In response to the positive comments from people when they saw my prototype, I have arranged to have a small number of racks manufactured (shown in the pictures – the last pic shows the ‘standard’ arrangement on David Moir’s TC). They are made from highly polished stainless steel and cost £235.00 (plus P&P) including all fittings.

I still have a couple left so if you are interested, please could you email your details to octagon ‘at’ ireland-family dot org or ring me on (+44) 1206 298736.

Paul Ireland