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Tony Whieldon, once a Rolls-Royce Car Division apprentice now living in Canada, was trying to find some of his old work colleagues from 1958. He typed the name of one of them (Neville Gatty) into Google images and was intrigued to be directed to TTT 2 issue 60. His enquiry form to John James (Editor) was forwarded by John to me and whilst Neville had sadly passed away a few years ago, I was able to provide the contact details for most of the others on his list.

A surprise for me also, because whilst Tony left the company long before I started my apprenticeship there, his career change into teaching brought him to Cannock Grammar School where he taught me mathematics.

Small world, powerful publication.           Bob Lyell

Guarantee Plate for TA2363

Philip Clifford has the bulkhead plate for this car, which he sold in (approx.)1965. He would be delighted to return it to the current owner. Philip can be contacted at divetpjc(at)hotmail.com [Please substitute @ for (at)].

Ed’s note: Sadly, I very much doubt if this car still exists.

TF3860 (HDP26/3860)

Thisis the front cover car, which is in Ireland with registration number 54 CW 23. It was purchased by the previous owner at Coy’s Auction house in 2009 (UK Reg: BSK 391). The only piece of information that came with the car at the time from the then previous owner, as stated in the brochure, was as follows:

The car was built in 1954 and then specially prepared under the direction of Leonard Lord, the then head of B.M.C., for the personal use of his nephew the Chairman of B.M.C. South Africa. Lord owned it for eight years and during this period it was looked after by the works manager a Mr Clarke, who was a successful competition driver of a C type Jaguar.

The second owner kept the car in South Africa for twenty-five years before it was repatriated to the UK. It was then acquired by a Cornish owner named Doria who had it restored to concours standard. Subsequently it has been in two private collections and has done very little mileage since the rebuild.

The car’s original registration was KZ 8734.

If you can help with any information since the car came back to the UK from South Africa, especially the details of who did the restoration, please contact Anita.Kelly(at)itcarlow.ie [Please substitute @ for (at)].


Giles Morley is enquiring about a Tickford he used to own. Unfortunately, he can’t remember the registration number but thinks it begins ERL. The only Tickford I can find is ERL 625, a late 1938 TA Tickford, chassis TA2831. This car is in the US.

Giles lives in Devon and the first owner of ERL 625 was from Cornwall, but I may be guilty of putting 2 and 2 together and making 5. gmorely6661(at)btinternet.com  [Please substitute @ for (at)].

TAs (CUR 701) and (EZ9776)

Oliver Richardson has sent me a couple of photos of these two. There was a note about them in Safety Fast! of February 2003. It is doubtful if either still exists but if there is any information, an email to the Editor would be appreciated. [email protected]  [Please substitute @ for (at)].

Note: on the back of the EZ 9776 photo is written (“BLOWN”?) “TA1940/41 Northern Ireland”.

EZ is a Belfast registration. The date might suggest a TB, but then, why write TA?

TC9875 (NNW 121)

Mark and Deb Acosta own this rather nice looking TC in Oregon, USA. They are seeking any history of this ‘Home’ market model prior to 1965.

The car was originally green or possibly black and had three UK owners from 1965 to 1985 and was then shipped to the US in 1985 by the third owner where it underwent a complete restoration. It then passed through the hands of another three owners in the US before Mark and Deb purchased it in February 2021.

NW is a Leeds registration and at the time of writing I’m in touch with the West Yorkshire Archive Service in Wakefield to see if they have any original documents.

If you can help with any pre-1965 info, please contact the Editor.