How many TAs are on the road in the UK?

Since the April issue, some more TAs have come to light as follows:

TA0284 (CLJ 123) is on DVLA as ‘Untaxed’.

TA2992 (EOP 24) is on DVLA as ‘Untaxed’.

TA0544 (BOR 804) is taxed and on the road.

TA0962 is currently awaiting an age-related number from DVLA.

TA1697 (YSU 797) is on DVLA as ‘Untaxed’.

TA2263 (EXN 422) is on DVLA as ‘Untaxed’.

TA2239 (BBL 634) is taxed and on the road.

TA2548 (KPE 913) is taxed and on the road.

The total number of TAs known to DVLA has now increased by a further 8 cars to 650, of which 332 are on the road (51%).

My thanks to printed copy subscriber Timon Iles for providing the information on TA0544 and TA2548.

The above updating paragraph for TAs leads me nicely in to another project to try and find out how many TF1500s are on the road in the UK.

Why TF1500s? Well, the numbers are manageable (out of a total production of 3400, only 244 were built for the ‘Home’ market). That said, several cars have been ‘re-patriated’ over the years and almost all have been converted to right-hand drive.

The task is also made slightly easier because it is only necessary to search from TF6501-TF6650, TF6751-TF6850 and TF6951-TF10100. Thanks go to Barrie Jones for this information.

Abbreviations used in the following lists are:

VIN = chassis number
Reg. no. = registration number (license plate)
N/T for road = not taxed for on road use
SORN = statutory off-road declaration made
n/k to DVLA = not known to DVLA
‘Home’ = ‘Home’ market model

One thought on “How many TAs are on the road in the UK?

  1. Rombough Gary L. says:

    John … I have TF 9222 in ????
    Came to Canada in the mid 1970’s following a (reported) restoration by Brown & Gammon.
    RHD, 1500, etc built for the home market.
    I was told this car was 1 of 42 built the week of February 2, 1955 for the home market.

    Earlier this week I returned from a 2,800 mile trip (drove all the way) to Southern California for the 50th anniversary GOF in Buellton, CA. Other than having to replace water pump on way home, car ran like a singer sewing machine. Consumed less than 1 quart of oil. ????

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