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TC9044 (YWG 256)

Richard Hinton bought TC9044 when he was only 16. The pictures below were taken in Brookmans Park, Hertfordshire in 1968 when it had its original registration number GWS 490.

He restored the car and 18 months later, used it to drive to school. Going to College entailed keeping it in a public car park in the open so he had to sell it and bought a 4-year-old 1098cc MG Midget Mk 2, much to his regret.

TC9044 then found its way to Maryland in the US – the picture below shows it to be in very poor condition (note the bungee cord securing the passenger door).

Repatriated over 40 years later it was restored in Sussex and then sold on. As it was not possible to reclaim the registration number GWS 490, it was given the age-related number YWG 256.

Richard would very much like to see his old car and hopes that the owner will get in touch. He can be contacted at richardhinton50(at)gmail.com [Please substitute @ for (at)].

TA???? (BTX 126) and TF9668 (UWB 998)

Andrew Hobbs has been in touch from Vancouver, British Columbia. Andrew emigrated to Canada in 1980. When in the UK he owned a 1937 TA, registration number BTX 126, pictured below.

It is hard to believe that such an ‘up-together’ TA would not have survived. However, it does not show up from the DVLA enquiry facility.

Andrew also owned TF9668 from 1967 to1969. A TF1500, it was registered UWB 998. It shows up from a DVLA enquiry, but has obviously been off the road, probably since the early 1980s.

Andrew can be contacted at acbhobbs(at)gmail.com [Please substitute @ for (at)].

TC Race Car (Chassis and Registration numbers unknown)

Jake Marshall is seeking information about this car which was raced in the Richmond Sprint (Australia) by Wayne Tyson in the 1960s. There’s not much to go on, but if you can help, please contact Jake at marshallj03(at)hotmail.com [Please substitute @ for (at)].

TC2430 (in Israel)

Benny Grumer is still looking for information/ history of his 1947 TC chassis 2430 engine 3140. He bought the car in 2010 from a garage in Miami Florida. Someone in the past had converted the car to LHD but it was badly done. To enable the conversion, the front of the car was raised by bending the front springs. The pedals were attached with brackets to the left rail. A TD/TF main brake cylinder was used and as it interfered with the hand brake, the latter was removed! The car had two tyres manufactured in Venezuela (maybe she was imported from Venezuela?). The colour of the body was red with black wings (fenders).

TC1936 (KRA 114)

In Issue 69 (December 2021) Nigel Howarth was seeking information about the TC his parents used to own between 1948 and 1953 (pictured above). Stewart Penfound, TA/B/C Registrar for the T Register of the MG Car Club saw the request and was able to tell Nigel that the car still exists, last heard of in South Carolina, USA. It was converted to a race car, its body shape based on the Cooper MG. The photo above dates from the late 1980s, when it was owned and raced by Alex Quattlebaum, who is still racing today, here in the UK and on the continent, with his very fast Leco MG.  

TC Registration number FNT 651

Simon Johnston, who “wears the yellow jersey” for the most posts on the Triple-M forum, often wonders if his old TC is still around. He remembers that it had engine number XPAG 10000, which, if it was the original engine fitted to the car, would make the chassis number TC9279.

It is still out there somewhere as it shows up on the DVLA search facility. It has been ‘Untaxed’ since October 1987, but it looks as though there was some ‘activity’ in December 2004 as this was the date when the last V5C was issued.

The picture was taken in Hyde Park in 1969 – great 1960s hairstyles! That’s Simon at the starting handle. He can be contacted at:  simon(at)mgj2.com

[Please substitute @ for (at)].


Guido Vanoppen from Belgium has owned TC9386 for ten years, but knows little about its early history. He’s learnt that it was restored privately in Holland and had a Dutch registration since 1981, but that’s about all. If you can help to fill in any gaps, Guido can be contacted at omeguido(at)yahoo.com [Please substitute @ for (at)].

TAs – CVB 452 and CVB 453

These were mentioned in the previous issue. Unfortunately, there is no news of CVB 452. However, Roger Muir, editor of the Octagon Car Club Bulletin has been in touch to say that CVB 453 is TA1686 and is owned by an Octagon member.

TA1386 (KXS 629) and TA3217 (KXS 631)

Mick Bibby has a job on his hands (well two jobs!) with these two. TA3217 is the blue car, which was originally a Tickford. Mick is seeking any history of the cars (which both have age-related registrations).

The MPJG engine inTA1386 is badly seized with a cracked piston and bottom valve washer gone into mains as the following pictures show:

At the time of writing (late December), Mick has the engine in for machining. Mickbibby(at)outlook.com  [Please substitute @ for (at)].

TAs – CJW 443, PAS 311, LSL 604, NV 7913, ACJ 103.

If the owner of each car sees this and can tell me the chassis number, I’d be grateful. (Only two pics for these) jj(at)ttypes.org [substitute @ for (at)].

TC8872 (OVW 170)

MG PA owner, Nick Dean has kindly sent me three A4 landscape photos of this TC on photographic paper. The owner is not known, but there has been some recent activity from perusal of the DVLA enquiry facility. The vehicle is on SORN with the ‘Date of last V5C (logbook) issued’ as 13th March 2020.

If the owner cares to get in touch with me at jj(at)ttypes.org [Please substitute @ for (at)]. I will gladly post the photos on to him or her.

Silverstone MGCC 1969

Silverstone MGCC 1969

Brands MGCC 1969

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