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Mirror Re-silvering

Frank Shore has kindly sent me the following information:

“The silvering had deteriorated on one of the wing mirrors on my TC. I googled and found this business which resilvers mirrors. Contact details:

Daniel Frater, Mirrorworks, Alma Yard, Alma Street, SHREWSBURY SY3 8QL and email is info(at) [Please substitute @ for (at)].

I sent the mirror glass (wrapped in lots of bubble wrap) off and 10 days later the newly re-silvered mirror arrived back, all for a price of £35. Mirror looks good and I’ve attached a photo.

I highly recommend this service, which may be of interest to other members.”

Ed’s note: Frank has also emailed to say that he’s received good service from Station Motor Sport at Station Yard, Melton Road, Market Harborough LE16 7TQ. Tel: 01858 545436. email address is  Contact(at) [Please substitute @ for (at)].

Ask for Jonathon. He’s done some excellent work on my TC, but seems to be able to turn his hand to any motor vehicles. They have a machine shop with a large range of machines. Sensibly priced as well.”

Registration Number 1951 MG for sale

This desirable number plate is for sale. The price is £3,500. Especially relevant if you own a ’51 TD or a ’51 YA or a ’51 YB. g.tinks(at) [Please substitute @ for (at)].

In the previous issue I said that I had two copies of this book on offer for £25 each plus £3.20 UK postage (the price on the inside cover of the jacket is £40). Obviously, I could not count as I actually had four copies! One has gone to Australia, one to the US and one to the UK. Just one copy remains.

Obtainable from me jj(at) [please substitute @ for (at)]. Payment can be accepted by PayPal to [email protected]   or bank transfer (email for details) or by cheque payable to The MG ‘T’ Society Ltd and sent to 85 Bath Road, Keynsham BRISTOL BS31 1SR.

And to close….. Derek Cashsent me this pic of a rather sad looking tappet chest gasket. He’s bought and fitted a thin steel one with the two nitrile bonded cork gaskets.

Two photos from Norman Ewing. Above: Norman at the wheel “Bundu bashing” (Photo by Roger Bull). Below: Norman driving the late Dick Knudson’s TC with the late Clive Alexander in the passenger seat. Dick and Mike Leckstein are looking on (Photo by Peter Fielding).