Lost & Found

TCs 1472 (XVV 950), 2686 (HTD 166) 4245 (regnmark not known).

Chris Blood is seeking details of previous owners of his three TCs. TC2686 is known to have been an ex-police car (Lancs).

chris.blood60(at)outlook.com {please substitute @ for (at)}

Above (from top): TCs 1472, 2686 and 4245.

TA1932 (CKV 698)

This car is now in Germany with Franz Tenbrock. Franz is keen to trace its history. He already has details of several owners from 1963 when the car was in Sheffield (it changed hands four times in Sheffield between 1963 and 1965!).

TA1932 (was CKV 698) now in Germany.

As KV is a Coventry registration mark, the TA would have spent its early years in and around the West Midlands.

It’s a tall order to expect details of owners prior to 1963 but if anybody can help, please contact the editor.


TD14552 (pictured above in the US) has a Volvo B90 engine (the cast aluminium rocker cover is an after-market replacement for the original tin Volvo one).

The owner, Charlie Baldwin, has a Yahoo Group called ‘VolvoenginedMGs’ whose purpose is to pass information along to owners of cars with Volvo engines and to give advice to those who want to fit them. The URL is as follows:


Charlie noticed that TD14561 also has a Volvo engine and is in the process of being made roadworthy again. He’d like to invite the owner to join the group and if he sees this and joins, he could tell the group about his interesting pedal arrangement.

Seeking all information on two 1947 MG TCs #2232 & #4258

Franklin Sprafke in Rhode Island, USA is currently restoring a TC that is a combination of two cars. The chassis he has is stamped TC2232, but the guarantee plate on the car is from TC4258 with XPAG 4997. The engine originally fitted to TC4258 is now with TC2232.

When the car was purchased in the US a few years ago it came with two sets of plates i.e. HEL 651 on the car (see pic below) and MWY 820D in the car.

Franklin is seeking details of previous owners of both chassis. The chassis from TC4258 is recorded as scrapped, but its matching engine was saved as was, possibly, the body. Alternatively, the guarantee plate might have been removed from the body of TC4258. Who knows!

TC7047 Registration mark UML 228

Darren Campbell is enquiring about this TC which used to be owned by his father. The car is shown as SORN on the DVLA enquiry service. Interestingly, although the car is shown as TC7047 on the dealer’s receipt, it may well be TC7447, as the engine number quoted on the receipt (XPAG 8129) was originally fitted to TC7447. Also, the date of build ties in better with TC7477.

TC3984 (JNK 88)

A TF owner has contacted me to ask about this TC he owned 50 years ago. It was blue (but is now green) and was sold to a chap by the name of ‘Damian’ (it’s probably passed through several hands since!). The car is on the road and on the T-Database, so hopefully we’ll get a result. Please will the current owner contact the editor at:

jj(at)ttypes.org< {please substitute @ for (at)}.

TC0277 (CUH 14)

Russell Squires used to own this TC in the 70s, which is thought to be the ex-Goldie Gardner car. During that time Russell carried out quite a bit of refurbishment from which he still has a file of bills and receipts. He would like to pass these on to the current owner if he or she reads this.

sukisealking(at)yahoo.co.uk {please substitute @ for (at)}.

Enquiry about a VA tourer (VA2124T Reg FLF 638) in the previous Issue.

Bob Somerville in Australia noticed my enquiry on behalf of the daughter of the late Graham Ash and kindly put me in touch with the owners, David and Paula Anderson. David sent me some pictures, which I have passed on to Jane Ash. Progress is described as ‘steady’.

I’ve also forwarded the pictures to John Dutton in the SVW Register.

TC3525 (was FSG 507 when in the UK)

Everard Van der Velden in Arnhem, Holland has asked for some help in his search for more history of his TC3525.

When the car was in England it had the registration mark FSG 507 and was known to be in Cornwall in the early 1950s. The former Cornish owner claimed that this TC was previously owned by the racing driver, Ron Flockhart, who tuned the engine to stage two, changed the wheels to 16’’ and fitted telescopic shock absorbers.

vandervelden47(at)gmail.com<{please substitute @ for (at)}.

TA1991 (CTE 506)

Jonny Leitner is seeking information about a TA owned by his father in the late 1940s. The car is shown as “Untaxed” on the DVLA website. The last tax was due on 1st September 2014.
onleitner(at)hotmail.com {please substitute @ for (at)}.

TC1683 (SH 7547)

I have a couple of black and white photos of this car, taken possibly at a Goodwood Revival. If the owner cares to get in touch, I will send them to him or her. jj(at)ttypes.org {please substitute @ for (at)}.

TA???? (DNF 66?)

David Atcherley sent me a photo of his father with his TA from the mid-late 50s. The photo shows a partial license plate: DNF 66? or maybe DNF 68?

I’ve trawled the DVLA enquiry service, but nothing has come up. NF is a Manchester registration.

david.atcherley(at)gmail.com {please substitute @ for (at)}.

TC1114 (BUD 952)

Christopher Runciman is keen to trace the history of his car. He refers to the pursuit of car history as ‘carchelogy’ (carchaeolgy?) and reckons that after 50 years of playing with old cars, he has a master’s degree in it!

TC1114 has spent much of its life in the Pinner/Harrow/Enfield areas. Christopher has a list of five previous owners but would like to know more. runciman48(at)yahoo.com {please substitute @ for (at)}.