Bits and Pieces

Not much room left this month….

Three ‘split pins’ (actually, bifurcated rivets) on the front of the rear wheel arches on the TD

Replies were received from Andrew Wallach, Bill Chassser, David Tasa, Rob Brayshaw and a couple of others, whose replies I might have lost – apologies!

All were agreed that they hold a small wood (3 ply?) tacking strip (said to be about ¼” thick and 3 to 4 inches wide to the lower wheel arch for attaching the interior wheel arch covering, albeit one said for attaching the carpet.

I’ve passed this on to Pierre van Hell with thanks to all who took the trouble to reply.

Dave’s donuts

We now have a new supply and with the set-up costs have been amortised they can now be sold for £12 inclusive of postage worldwide). Please order from [email protected] {please substitute @ for (at)}.

Issue 49 Front Cover

Tom Lange has sent me the following correction:

This is not a Mark II car, but a UK RHD TD that was later fitted with a special EX176 engine (an early version of the XPEG) before being imported to the US in the 70s” Apologies, Tom!