Lost and Found

Paul Burry e-mailed to say that he has just discovered that the TC he and his wife owned in 1963/1964 is now in Belgium with registration number 1 AYJ 523. He is asking for help in contacting the present owner. A couple of avenues have been tried, including the MG Car Club Belgium, but so far, without success.

The above photo of Paul’s TC (TC9295) was taken in 1963 in Germany. At that time Paul was in the Army and the TC was registered on British Forces Germany number plates. Newly married Paul and his bride left the church in the TC on their wedding day in October 1963.

The car was sold to a garage in Hampshire in 1964.

Paul lives in France nowadays and drives a TD. He can be contacted at paul.burry(at)wanadoo.fr – please substitute @ for (at).

Help with “a very long shot”

TC owner, Tony Jones from Australia, has been in touch, seeking help to track down a TC once owned by his father. Unfortunately, he does not have a record of the chassis number, but he knows that the car was one of the last 10 exported to Australia, so a late number car. The registration number was FV969 (New South Wales registration). Originally red in colour. At some time, it was exported to Canada.

The two photos that Tony sent are the only ones he has. The first one is of his mum & dad before they were married. Marriage and the arrival of his older sister necessitated the selling of the TC, probably around 1954.

The second one is of his dad with one of his mates during a road trip from Sydney to Adelaide to Melbourne and back to Sydney.

Tony can be contacted at gjtjones(at)hotmail.com – please substitute @ for (at).


Brian Kelly e-mailed me a while back asking if it was possible to cross-reference an engine number (XPAG/TD2/28523) to locate the chassis number. The ex-owner (Tom Sim) to whom Brian had been speaking, had a record of the engine number, but not the chassis number. Assuming, that the engine number quoted was the one originally fitted to the car, the chassis number would have been TD28201.

Tom owned this TD from April 1965 until June 1968. During the period of his ownership, Tom was living in Oklahoma City.

The New England MG T Register has been contacted but unfortunately the car is not listed.

These two photos might jog someone’s memory, particularly the first one with the wireless aerial and whitewall tyres. Tom can be contacted at kt4sim(at)hotmail.com – please substitute @ for (at).