Bits and Pieces

TA, TB, TC and two-seater PA/B and NA Luggage racks

Paul Ireland has arranged another batch of his luggage racks and they are now available to order. The current price is 315 GBP plus P&P. The rationale for Paul’s design is, in his own words, as follows:

The original style luggage rack that sits above the spare wheel/petrol tank, has a number of disadvantages. When loaded, it completely obscures any view to the rear, placing a heavy load high above the roll centre and makes the car less stable. It makes it virtually impossible to fill the fuel tank when loaded and finally, it is difficult to fit, damaging the tank straps.

Unable to find a suitable alternative, I have resorted to designing a luggage rack that addresses these problems. It consists of two arms fitted to the existing “spare” holes in the rear of the chassis (TA, TB and TC, they will need to be drilled for the earlier cars) supporting a flat rack positioned behind the spare wheel. Not only is this very easy to fit, it folds up when not in use.

The Editor hopes to have a couple of these racks for sale on behalf of Paul at the Stoneleigh MG Spares Show in February (Show details are given in the Editorial).

Ideas for Christmas presents!

The following has recently been received from Jim Pielow:

“I just thought I would show you a couple of presents I’ve received, maybe suitable for an odd corner in TTT.

The first is a wood carving my youngest daughter Stephanie gave me last Christmas. It measures 12’’x 8’’ and is in Oak (not the easiest of materials) and is her first attempt at carving. She went on line for a picture of my TC and probably visited TTT. I think she’s managed to get the proportions spot on and it has pride of place in my study.

The second is a shaped pad run up by Linda, my wife, to protect the top of bonnet paint work when the bonnet is opened. I had had my TC bonnet tops repainted recently and was using a tatty bit of rag to protect the paint work, but not anymore!”

Ed’s note: What a wonderful carving and a first attempt! Certainly, something to be treasured.

I like the detail on the bonnet top protector, particularly the ‘cut-out’ for the rad cap and the MG logo. Of course, it had to be blue!

‘Barrie’s Notes’

6.00 GBP plus postage

Available from the T-Shop or direct from John James

(use the website contact form)