Lost and Found

The following from Tom Lange:


This is a Mark II car with engine XPAG/TD2/14957, listed in the production records as an EXLNA car, so it is probably in the US.


I am also looking for this car, an EXR car. 

An appropriate MG reward will be cheerfully paid (a set of brass core plugs) for information on either car.

Tom Lange [email protected]

Correction to registration mark for TA0875

The registration mark for this car was incorrectly quoted as CON 771 in the June issue; it should read CON 971. Apologies must go to Simon Parker, the owner. I’m not sure if this will help in tracing the history of the car?

MG TA – Registration Mark CAC 723

Kevin McCarron would like to try and trace his old TA (probably a 1938 TA) which he owned back in 1967. The photo was taken in 1967/68.

There seems to be some doubt as to which chassis number goes with the car and I have referred Kevin to the Warwickshire Records Office.

TC formerly owned by Sid (Sidney) A. Field

This is very much a ‘long shot’ but Greg Stevens is trying to find information on this car for a friend, whose father owned it. The difficulty is that we don’t have a registration mark or a chassis number (and it might have been a TA or a TB!).

BSK 635 (TD27040)

Owner, Alistair Gill is trying to trace the history of his 1953 TD. Currently registered LL-IG 248 (the car is currently in Germany) it was first registered in Caithness, Scotland. I am in touch with a Mr Sutherland who has the allocation books for the SK registration marks. If anybody knows of any of the history of this car I’d be grateful if they would contact the editor.

TC1749 (Registration marks GAD 947, HX 29175, 396 YUA).

The following has been received from Ian Robinson:

“I own TC1749, which used to belong to my father-in-law John Chilton. I would like to find out any history about the car (particularly from our USA
based friends). The car was manufactured on 6/11/1946 and exported to the USA (It was never registered in the UK). John, who lived on Long Island in NY State, purchased the vehicle pre 2005 and it bore the US New York Historic Vehicle Registration number HX 29175. However I have a photograph of the car, in New York, bearing what looks like a UK plate of GAD 947 (white letters on a black background). Or was this the original USA
registration plate prior to the historic plate being issued? The original engine number was XPAG 2506 but this has been replaced at some stage with another XPAG engine number B88390.”

Two photos of TC1749 – top photo shows it as GAD 947; bottom photo with registration plates 396 YUA and HX 29175.

Ed’s note: The registration mark GAD 947 was first made available in 1946 by the Registration Authority, Gloucester County Council. This seems to tie up with the date of production (06/11/1946) and may suggest that the car was in fact first registered in the UK before it went across the ‘pond’.