Bits and Pieces

Fitting an electric fan to a TF

A TF owning member with overheating problems is considering fitting an electric fan to his car. To quote Roy Miller, “Owners tend to think that an electric fan will be a cure-all for an overheating problem, could be the rad or block or both just need cleaning out”. However, if anyone has fitted one to a TF, could they please get in touch?

Jumping out of 3rd gear.

The following is a list of possible causes for this annoying fault. It was given by Barrie Jones in answer to a query from a TD owner:

If it is jumping out of third then it could be a badly worn bearing.

That means taking out the mainshaft and replacing the middle bearing.

Other possible causes:

  1. If the 3rd/4th detent spring is weak or missing, that could cause the problem. 
    I am referring to the middle of the 3 vertical springs.

2) If the 3rd/4th selector shaft has a wear groove along the shaft, that would also cause the problem.

3) Incorrect ignition timing and poor fuel can cause “pinking”, which is not always audible.  This causes the engine to vibrate, which can cause the gearbox to jump out of gear.

Positioning direction indicators at the rear

In answer to another query, here’s how Brian Rainbow fitted them to his TA:

“I removed the petrol tank end plates and mounted the 1130 side lights directly onto the tank end plate (it is only a cover after all) and ran the wires including an earth down inside the plate and out at the rear bottom inside corner.”

Supplier recommendation (from Russell Dade).

“I recently realised that I had lost a part from my Gunson Carbalancer, a very small part but an essential one. I emailed Tool Connection and within a day I had the tiny part “With Compliments” a great service. Therefore, please put this company on your approved supplier list.  I have no connection with this company other than being a satisfied client.”

Lightboards (from Steve Priston)

‘This is a little project, to greatly improve the Lucas ST51 rear lights, which you must admit, are far from being positioned in an ideal location for modern motorists to notice very much, now that the modern cars have had theirs sited higher and higher so that they are right in the following driver’s eyeline.

I have already fitted a high-level stop light, behind the spokes of the spare wheel. However, I have over the years fitted one of these LED “Lightboards”, from Paul Goff to all of my illuminated British motorcycles, in either 6 or 12 volts, without ever having a failure, also being considerably brighter, than a tungsten bulb and ideally suited to a lamp design like the ST51, where the bulb is seen from the side, making a simple swap for an LED replacement bulb less than ideal.

As can be seen, you are only looking at removal of the existing bulb holder, by drilling out the rivets, followed by drilling two more holes, for the M3 fixing screws, they have to be mounted as shown because the “flat”, needs to point towards the number plate, as those LEDs are white.

Obviously, a re-paint, with the inside face in silver is on the cards, after the two now unwanted holes, are plugged with some epoxy.

I wasn’t sure if this little mod had been featured before but despite their £25 each price tag, certainly on the back of a bike, many non-armchair motorcyclists wouldn’t consider going out seriously in the dark, without one fitted, especially as being hit from behind, has been the number one killer of riders for some years and that’s in the daylight!

Paul Goff has a good website and even prefers payment by cheque so ideal for those people not inclined to embrace modern banking, although of course he also takes most other methods of payment!”