XPAG Engine For Sale

Ron Ward is a time-served toolmaker at Standard Motor Company and has spent his working life in the machine tool industry worldwide. He has owned a much modified ’47 TC (90BHP un-supercharged) for 30 years and a 1963 Mini Cooper S ‘look alike’ (100BHP) for 40 years. He builds four or five XPAG engines per year, generally to the specification below.

One such engine is nearing completion at the time of typing this advert and should be ready when this issue ‘hits the streets’.


1350 cc (i.e. +100). New three ring solid skirt pistons, Allen caphead pinch bolts, late crank no. 168557 (see TCs Forever page 129) at .010/010 (crack tested), new shells, lightened flywheel, 8” clutch, all balanced. Lip seals front and rear (using Speedi Sleeve)

New billet steel fast road camshaft, vernier timing sprocket set at 109 degrees, new bearings, oil grooved cam followers, combined horizontal oil pump/filter.

Cylinder head stage II, unleaded, large valve, Metro stem seals, bronze guides, ported by (George Edney/XPAG Eng.)

Engine can be supplied with either TC or TD/F/Y type front engine mounting plate. Contact Ron at 01422 823649 (or for e-mail address, please contact the Editor via the TTT 2 contact form).

Price 4,000 GBP including part exchanging existing engine.