Bits and Pieces

Very little room in this issue – just enough space for an update on Declan Burns’ offerings:

TD/TF Rack gaiters

Declan has put the rack gaiters on hold at the moment. The quality of the test samples was excellent but he would like to have an increased inner diameter.

Rocker cover rubber seal

The XPAG/XPEG rocker cover rubber seal is available and the price is 17.99 Euro + 6.50 Euro uninsured postage.

Side cover rubber seal

Quite a while has been spent in getting the XPAG/XPEG side cover to fit properly. They have been made and tried in 2mm, 3mm and 4mm thicknesses, but it has been found that the 2mm version is by far the easiest to fit due to the orientation of the distributor.

The 4mm is on Declan’s car and it was a struggle to fit it. One of the main issues with the side cover seals, even the cork originals, is that once the sleeve nuts are installed they push the seal along the studs towards the engine centre line. The diameter of the stud holes on the seal has since been modified to prevent this happening.

The photo below is the first prototype seal being fitted on Declan’s car. The production seal can be centred using the sleeved nuts and the application of some sealant ensures the seal is centred correctly and not distorted when the sleeved nuts are inserted and torqued up. The 3mm seal has also been found to be slightly too thick.

Price is 15.90 Euro.

King pin dust caps for TD/TF/MGA

The king pin dust caps have been optimized and are also available and they are a nice snug fit. The price has to be 3 Euro each as the manufacturing is not automated and each piece must be physically removed from the mould.

MGA/MGB rocker cover and the A-series rocker cover and tappet chest seals are also available.

Any enquiries for the improved rubber parts should be sent to Declan’s friend, Hans Dieter Gollus at the following email address: [email protected]