The Editor

Welcome to Issue 78, June 2023.

I regret to say that after this issue and the next (Issue 79, August 2023) there will be no more issues of ‘Totally T-Type 2’ as after much thought, I’ve decided to hang up my hat and retire.

When I started to prepare the April issue, I needed to advise my printed copy subscribers of the rate for the 2023/2024 magazines (the subscription year runs from June to the following April). I thought about it long and hard and came to the conclusion that it would not be fair to ask for subscriptions through to April 2024 when I could not guarantee being able to produce the next six issues. Technically, a part-year subscription is due, but I’m not going to ask for this, so subscribers, please take it as a ‘thank you’ for your loyal support.

I must also give a big ‘thank you’ to all those who have sent donations for TTT 2 and the website; they have helped with email distribution expenses.

Suitable copy has been hard to come by of late and is a constant source of worry, which at my age is not something I want. As I recently mentioned to somebody, I am ‘chief cook and bottle washer’… there is nobody else, except for Steve, my son, to whom I’m eternally grateful for dealing with the IT involved in sending the mag to print, publishing it and maintaining the website. Steve has a demanding job in IT as well as a busy life outside of work and the time needed to publish each issue can sometimes be difficult for him to find.

I am also very grateful to those who have sent copy on more than one occasion for TTT 2 and some names spring immediately to mind – Eric Worpe, Paul Ireland, Peter Cole, Steve Priston and Bob Lyell – to name but a few.

Just recently I seem to have received as much, or more, good copy from mainland Europe (Stanley Daamen and Laurent Castel) and from Australia and the US, as I have received from the UK.

Looking back over my amateur writing ‘career’, I see that I wrote the T-Type and Triple-M notes for Safety Fast! in the 1990s, was editor of the Octagon Bulletin from 1998 to 2002, introduced ‘Totally T-Type’ for the T Register of the MG Car Club in 2004, remaining as editor until 2010, and then introduced ‘Totally T-Type 2’ which started in August 2010. I hope I have ‘served my time’.

I am not intending to disappear entirely from the scene and I have promised Brian Rainbow that I will write at least one article for the Octagon Bulletin every month. I am also hoping to write the occasional article for the MG Owners Club Enjoying MG.

The website will remain in place for posterity as a permanent archive of all 79 issues, but with member services such as cars for sale/spares being removed. The company limited by guarantee, The MG ‘T’ Society, will be wound up by October 2023.

If you didn’t go to The MG Centenary event at Gaydon on 27th May, you missed a real treat. I know from feedback that the attendees were impressed with the organisation of the day and with the fabulous display of timeline cars. Steve and I did our bit to raise money for the event’s charities by offering redundant stock in exchange for a donation to charity. At £1 a time (some gave more) we raised a total of £158. A very nice ‘Old Speckled Hen’ glass was bought by a gentleman from Mexico.

To those Triple-M owners who I asked to display their cars in the timeline, I say a big ‘thank you’. It was asking a lot of you to arrive early on the day and I know that some of you travelled a good distance in a pre-war car, but you made it, and made the day for the spectators.

I was really pleased to renew acquaintances with Patrick Michel and Christiane from Martin-Église in Normandy and with Dieter Wagner from Neu Anspach in Germany. I was also delighted to meet for the first time Anita Kelly Walsh and her husband, John from Co. Galway, Ireland. I have corresponded with Anita about the history of her TF which featured on the front cover of Issue 72 (June 2022).

I must not forget to mention Laurent Castel from Cugnaux in southwestern France who I knew was coming to Gaydon. Laurent, who speaks and writes very good English, has provided the articles on cleaning the magnetic Smiths speedometer and odometer. The odometer article can be found later in this issue. An article on calibrating the speedometer will appear in the next issue.

Pre-War Prescott is approaching fast (15th July) and when I last looked, the entry list stood at nearly 180 cars. I will surely get there one day (last year the TF overheated in traffic in Cheltenham – now all sorted), but sadly not this year. I really need to ‘knuckle down’ to remove the engine and gearbox from the J2 to get the oil leak between the back of the block and the rear main housing fixed.

Barry Foster, who has more experience than most with Triple-M engines and who is also the MGCC Triple-M Historian, has diagnosed the problem for me. He’s told me that the Factory knew about this, caused by the chassis flexing. The way to fix it is to use a thin copper gasket to replace the existing (composite?) gasket and apply ‘Wellseal’ jointing compound. Following discussion of the problem with him, what should turn up in the post a few days later was a thin copper gasket. Thank you, Barry!

14 thoughts on “The Editor

  1. john scott says:

    Dear John
    How sad to hear that you will be packing up TTT2 – even though I sold my TC some while ago I have stayed in touch with the T World this way and life has been the better for it. I’ve persevered with the J2 and I’m very glad I have but I often hanker after another T – a hankering fostered mainly by you!
    The effort required to make such a solid magazine at such a frequency must have been enormous and you certainly deserve a break. I wonder though whether you will really be able to resist the urge to put pen to paper for long and I hope that you’ll keep writing – maybe something along the lines of the MMM Yearbooks? More effort to complete of course but at least there’s only one a year to worry about!
    You deserve a medal for all you’ve done for the pre and post war MGs and all the happy reading you’ve brought to people.
    Many many thanks

  2. Steve says:

    I will miss your magazine. Thankyou for your huge contribution.
    Good health and happiness.

  3. Mike Storey says:

    Thank you sir for all hard work. I’m sure we are going be craving your down to earth MG knowledge and experience .

  4. Martin van der Merwe says:

    Thank you John for the years of pleasure and support you have provided for us merry band of enthusiasts. You brightened up our dark world down here in Johannesburg. Best wishes for your future Emgeeing.

  5. Bill Weldon says:

    Thank you for your hard work in producing the excellent Totally T-type 2 magazine. I am an MG TD owner in an area with almost no support for old MGs and your publication has been a godsend for T-Type information. Enjoy your “retirement”!

  6. Bill chasser says:

    John. I came across your publication online 7-8 years ago and had been a subscriber ever since. I anxiously await the next set of stories and tech. The Lost and Found especially peaked my interests. Sadly all good things seem to come to an end eventually. This one will be especially missed.

    Bill Chasser

  7. Tom Eaves says:

    Thank you for all the effort and thought you have put into TTT2 over the years. I will miss your publication very much. Best wishes and enjoy your retirement.

  8. Brian Facey says:

    So sorry to see such a good magazine go by the wayside. Thank you John for all your excellent hard work.

  9. RayWhite says:

    my sincerest thanks for all the fine work you have done. TT2 will be sorely missed.


  10. Roger Francis says:

    Hello John,
    It is indeed difficult to contemplate ‘T Type life’ without your regular input via your excellent magazine – so much valuable information to enable us all to maintain our machines over so many years. I suppose that it is too much to hope that anyone else will come forward ‘to pick up the reins’ so the various editions will serve as a lasting memorial to all your efforts.

    Thanks so much, John , & wishing you a happy ‘retirement’ – really ? !! All the best.


  11. huw davies says:

    Hi John. Was good to meet you at Gaydon recently. I was not aware at the time about your retirement, but now having received my printed copy through the post, and having read your editorial, I am aware. All good things are inevitably temporary in nature. I thank you for publishing my notes on the South African TDs. I look forward to reading your contributions to the MGOCC Bulletin. I also see as MGCC MMM scribe I am taking over from a long list of distinguished scribes that includes one John James! Huw

  12. Chris Parkhurst says:

    Thanks John for all your efforts in the T world the TT2 will be sorely missed by me and many others,well done and thanks for all the advice which will still remain on the web.

  13. Andrew Griffin says:

    Hi John As a recent purchaser of our first MG a 1938 TA I have spent the past couple of months reading your archive and saving technical articles and tips and tricks. Your legacy of material will be an asset to all for years to come. Kind Regards Andrew Griffin. Carlow, Ireland.

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