My oil pump dilemma in TC 0461.

by Donald Walker, Goolwa Beach South Australia.

I bought TC 0461 a few years ago as a project, my aim was to have it ready for my 80th birthday, now at the time of writing (30th April) only a month away (June 2023).

Basically, the car was in pieces but mostly all there. The motor I was told had been rebuilt by a reputable engine rebuilder in Melbourne. After a lot of body work the time came to start the motor, firstly remove the plugs and turn it over with the battery, result… oil pressure. OK, the car for a start had the later TF type oil pump and filter fitted. So, prime the pump and filter, photo 1, still no oil pressure.

Photo 1

Having previously converted an early XPAG to later TF type pump I knew there was a procedure to carry out, remove the pressure relief valve in the block being the first task, photos 3, 4 and 5.

Photo 3

Photo 4

Photo 5

Now I had presumed this had all been carried out so I didn’t suspect anything amiss, first mistake. Next, I connected a garden sprayer with a couple of litres of oil in it to the oil gallery where the pipe for the oil gauge connects, photo 2, and pumped away, at least oil was available to the bearings etc.

Photo 2

Still no oil pressure.

So off with the oil pump.

First task was to find out how the early and late systems differ, result? There are two different pump bodies and three different end plates, and more importantly, two different oil flow lines to the oil gallery.

Photo 6 shows the late body with two different end plates, note the three holes on the right on the body, two for bolts and the third, in the middle, for oil to flow through the system. The left end plate as you can see doesn’t have the corresponding hole so no oil can flow, this is how it was found, photo 1. Replacing this with the correct end plate, right in photo 6, finally gave me oil pressure, now 60lb at idle. It’s easy writing this but it took me many weeks to work it all out, with a lot of help from various MG online forums.

Photo 6