The Editor

Hello! This issue is just over a week late in coming out, mainly because I have been spending time on my cars. I aim to publish each issue on or about the 15th of the month prior to the cover date of the magazine. So, apologies!

My trusted computer let me down just after Christmas; it had been getting slower and slower and one morning finally “gave up the ghost” and presented me with a black screen. Fortunately, my computer guru happened to be home for a brief interlude between his travels and chose a replacement for me and set everything up, including transferring all the files. How I would have managed without him, I know not as I am a complete computer ‘dummy’.

I was saddened by the news on 3rd March that Bristol Cars had passed into administration. Following the end of World War II, and faced with the problem of how to use its excess capacity and keep its many employees busy (who had previously been building such RAF stalwarts as the Bristol Blenheim and Bristol Beaufighter), the then Bristol Aeroplane Company moved into the luxury car market. In 1960 it was persuaded to join with others to form the British Aircraft Corporation (later British Aerospace). At that time the car division (Bristol Cars Ltd) passed into private hands.

Some of you may not have heard of Bristol Cars; if you go to you can view photographs of all the (hand built) models produced.

I am aware that several subscribers of the now defunct “Totally T-Type” magazine (in fact, a high percentage of them with Internet access) ‘voted with their feet’ and joined up with this magazine. These subscribers will not be aware – presumably because they were never informed via ‘T’ Register publicity – that I was presented with a limited edition print last summer by Register Treasurer, Gillian Smith and TD Registrar, Peter Cole. They kindly invited my wife, Sue and me out to lunch in Hampshire and also presented me with a case of red wine.

I happen to know that Gillian and Peter went to a great deal of trouble to get the print framed and have a brass plaque inscribed and mounted at the bottom of the print, which reads as follows:

“Presented to John James in appreciation of his outstanding contribution to the ‘T Register”

Donations towards the running of this magazine and the website continue to trickle in, for which I am very grateful. There is currently a healthy balance and the only expenses foreseen for the remainder of 2011 are for the ‘hard’ copy costs and postage incurred in sending complimentary copies to article contributors.

Mention of ‘hard’ copies reminds me to state that I now have 36 subscribers. A couple of subscriptions are outstanding, but on the assumption that these come in, we have moved to a break even situation for ‘hard’ copies.

The website continues to go from strength to strength. You can now register for a free site membership which will, over time, offer additional benefits, the first of which has already been added to the site: a technical publications archive, offering free downloads of period technical MG T-Series material. Currently the archive contains five Service Information Sheets relevant to early T-Types and a Lucas parts catalogue for the TC, but that selection will be expanded regularly in the coming days and weeks. We’ve already had kind offers from fellow T-Typers who have publications to add to the archive, so if you have a period technical document you feel that others would find useful, we’d be very grateful if you would get in touch. Meanwhile, we invite you to register for your free site membership at and then browse the MG T-Series period technical publications archive at at your leisure.

It would be remiss of me not to mention that 75 years ago, the TA Model appeared on the scene. University Motors proudly announced that “The new M.G. MIDGET SERIES ‘T’ will be available for trial purposes at Stratton House on June 29”. Nobody could surely have foreseen the incredible success story of the ‘T’ Series, which was to result in our cars being exported all around the globe. A great cause for celebration and I’m sure that we custodians of the cars consider ourselves fortunate to be looking after them.

It’s easy to be overtaken by events in editing this magazine. Under the ‘Bits and Pieces!’ collection of articles I said that we are trying to track down the present owner of TB0613. We thought he might be in Oklahoma, but we are fairly sure we have located him in Louisiana. More in next issue!

Finally, my thanks to Matthew Magilton for the excellent front and back cover photos.