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Welcome to Issue 49 – August 2018.

August ‘rings a bell’ because it was in August 2010 (or rather, July 2010 for the August 2010 issue) that I started out with ‘Totally T-Type 2’ having been editor of its predecessor, Totally T-Type, for the previous six years. I’m not sure where all those years have gone, but they seem to be going down at an alarming rate!

This Issue’s front cover features the TD MKII of Tom Lange of MGT Repair. Before I forget, I must credit Kathleen VanGorder with the photo – thank you Kathleen! There’s an article inside about Tom and his business. He’s well known in the US and also on the various T-Series forums, but perhaps not so well known elsewhere. I see that he has taken on Dave Clark’s very successful TD/TF axle shaft business so when the GB £ recovers against the US $ (if it EVER will recover) I may well be in the market for a pair.

Whilst on the subject of spares, the MG Octagon Car Club is now able to sell spares to members in the US. For years, members in the US complained about the Club not being able to sell them spares and no doubt the Club lost members because of this – well now it’s come to fruition with a favorable exchange rate as well. The link to the spares list is

The link to join the Club is at:

At present the Club is running its ‘Summer Special’ offer; if you join now, your membership will carry through until September 2019.

Another UK spares provider whose adverts are carried in The Sacred Octagon is NTG Motor Services Limited:

NTG sell a large range of T & Y spares and also MGA, ZA & ZB Magnette and Wolseley 4/44 & 15/50 models.

Planning for the TTT 2 Tour of the Cotswolds is gathering pace and the front cover of the roadbook is ready to go with the rest of the pages. Brian Rainbow has completed the Saturday route and checked it with Rosie and he is now well into the Sunday route, which will need to be checked. As usual, we will be hoping for fine weather, but without wishing to sound ‘choosy’ I’d prefer it a little less hot than our weather has been in the UK of late. For the last two weeks and now entering our third week as I pen this editorial (9th July), we have had temperatures of 30 degrees C – not that hot by the standards of some of you, but far too hot for me!

Inside this issue, you will find an advertisement for next year’s Octagon Car Club’s ‘Founders Weekend’ which will celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Club. It is being held at the Oxford Spires Hotel, Oxford and I confidently predict that it will see the largest gathering of Octagon members since the Club was formed.

Also, in 2019 the ‘Totally T-Type’ Tour of mid-Wales is being held and the Metropole Hotel already has a number of bookings. Soon, it will be time to think about 2020 – my, how the years go by!

Oil supplies are once again under the spotlight and for various geopolitical reasons a shortage is predicted, possibly later this year. There are some wild estimates floating around of $150 a barrel.

There may also be some wide of the mark estimates concerning the phasing out of petrol and diesel cars. I note that legislation is planned in the UK to ensure that most hybrid cars, including the Prius, will not be able to be driven on the roads after 2040. However, a ‘thinktank’ is agitating for the ban to be brought forward by a decade. There are also likely to be moves to have charging points installed in all new homes built in the UK.

Just enough space for a couple of items – Chris Blood has made a number of TC brackets they are for sale at

The two pictures are from Barrie Jones’ visit to GoF(South). This was the 52nd annual gathering – Barrie was an invited guest.



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