The Editor

Welcome to Issue 23, April 2014.

It has finally stopped raining in my part of the world (South West England) and hopefully we can now look forward to a dry summer (says he, tongue in cheek!) as there surely can’t be much rain left up there!

First a cautionary tale; I started up my PB a month or so back and was dismayed to see a jet of petrol spray upwards from the pump to carb fuel pipe. This is the second time this has happened and the leak was in exactly the same place – i.e. the top of the bend in the flexible pipe. Fortunately I had the bonnet open at the time so it was noticed straight away. I always carry a spare one of these, and also a spare carb to carb hose, so I temporarily fitted my spare and ordered a new replacement. When the new one arrived I fitted it and returned the spare to its box.

It was good to meet so many T-Typers at the Stoneleigh Spares Show. I’m not sure about the logistics of combining the MG Show with the Triumph Show, but we hope to be back next year with ‘TA Brian’ (Brian Rainbow) and we have already reserved our stand.

As I was typing this editorial an e-mail came in from Derek Bradshaw. It read as follows:

Just found your site and joined immediately.

Having spent the last 30 years restoring my TA and getting nearly to the finish line, my health thwarted me leaving me terminally ill.

My wife and daughter worried that I would not complete the task before departing this life and without my knowledge, contacted the television programme CAR SOS and they took on the task completing the car and getting it back on the road.

All this without my knowledge; I was taken to the Cheshire Steam Fair where I was surprised by the presenters and my car was presented back to me. WHAT A SURPRISE THAT WAS!
The programme is the first of the new series of CAR SOS and will be aired on Monday 24th March 2014 @ 9.00 pm on National Geographic channel No 526 on SKY digital.
Hoping some of you manage to see the programme.

Derek’s TA is TA2259.

Arrangements for the Totally T-Type ‘Tour of Isle of Wight’ 29th August to 1st September 2014 are progressing and by the time participants read this all of them should have received an e-mail from me giving confirmation of hotel and ferry bookings. The rally plate has been produced and the next job is to start on the routes.

TTT2 Tour Plaque

An unexpected vacancy has just arisen for a double room at the Tour hotel (The Shanklin Hotel). If you are interested in coming along please phone me on 0117 986 4224 or get in touch via the website contact form.

The 2015 TTT 2 Tour will be ‘The Lancashire Lanes and Yorkshire Dales’ Grant Humphreys has kindly offered to organise it. Details to follow.
News of two European events as follows:

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the start of World War I, the MG Car Club Belgium is organising an International Commemoration Weekend. The dates are 3, 4 & 5 May – details are at

Dr. Christian Bianco is running his second MG meeting in the Dolomites from 26th to 29th June. The deadline for applications is 2nd April. Details are at

Finally, a little light relief, courtesy of Harry (TC’s Drive Them ‘til the Roads Wear Out) Pyle.

MG Toilet





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