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Speedo correction boxes for MG TD

Declan Burns has had several enquiries (see TTT 2 Issue 22, February 2014). Just a reminder that his e-mail is declan_burns(at) as a couple of readers seemed to have difficulty in contacting him. Don’t forget to substitute @ for (at) in the address.

Declan has something else which may be of interest. He has e-mailed me as follows:

“We all know the problem with the TD clocks. I have made a small batch of replacement clocks for the dish faced speedo on the TD. The problem being a constant sourcing of the ladies watches – they are all different diameters and thicknesses. The mounts are made from PVC and the watch is a click fit.

Once installed, you can only see the face of the clock and not the mount. The battery lasts about two years depending how long the watch was lying on the shelf in the novelty shop! I have attached a few photos. The last photo shows the clock being centred on the speedo. It fits using the original self tapping screws and with a short screw driver it only takes a few minutes to install.”

TF Seat Adjustment for Taller Drivers

The following useful advice has been received from Barrie Jones:

The TF has two separate seats that are only adjustable fore-and-aft. Unlike the TD, each seat has a fixed backrest. It is possible to accommodate a tall driver by reclining the entire driver’s seat as follows:

Before you start you will need to purchase 6 countersunk 2BA steel set screws (at least 25mm in length), plus a quantity of 32 washers to fit these set screws. If you want to modify the passenger’s seat as well, then double these quantities.

Remove the driver’s seat from the car by tipping the seat up, operating the sliding mechanism lever, and lifting the entire seat off the sliding mechanism.

Underneath the seat you will find two runners, each held to the bottom of the seat by 4 small set screws.

Remove one of the runners and immediately replace it, adding washers as follows:

Front hole: Re-fit the original set screw with one added washer and partially tighten.
2nd hole: Fit a longer set screw plus 3 washers.
3rd hole: Fit a longer set screw plus 5 washers.
4th hole: Fit a longer set screw plus 7 washers.

Now fully tighten the screws and do the same to the second runner.

It would be a good idea to lightly lubricate the runners before replacing the seat in the car. I would recommend candle wax for this purpose. Also, the two hinges should receive a drop or two of clean engine oil.

I think you will find that the driving position is more comfortable and there is more rearward adjustment.

Dashboard Centre Panel

Sergio Pagano in Italy has almost finished the restoration of his TB Tickford (TB0362). One of the jobs of which he is especially proud is the restoration of the centre panel in the dashboard.

Having carefully studied a finished centre panel he planned, copied and calibrated the project with a CAD. Then, with the help of a friend, who deals in publicity materials, he printed it out on a self adhesive foil. The entire sheet is in self adhesive black with the lettering printed in white, so there is no possibility of detachment of the letters. The adhesive is then polished to closely match the original finish of the centre panel.

A fine result!

Photo 1 – the ‘bare’ panel.

Photo 2 – the black self adhesive foil with the lettering in white.

Photo 3 – the finished centre panel – magnifco!

Recommended T-Type garage in Preston

Stoney Lane House, Stoney Lane, Lostock Hall, Preston, Lancs, PR5 5XQ
Tel: 01772 627120
Proprietor – Andy Schultz
Email: andy(at)
Recommended by T-Type owners in the area.

Roller Lifter Camshafts
(Advert by Len Fanelli)

Benefits of roller lifter camshaft:
• No camshaft or lifter wear
• A roller lifter camshaft can use a much steeper ramp on a cam lobe than a flat lifter
• Allows roller cams to open the valves more quickly
• Able to reach maximum lift earlier in the timing cycle
• Stays at full open longer
• Area under the curve of a roller lifter camshaft profile will be greater than that of a flat lifter cam for the same lift and duration
• Higher ramp speeds and acceleration rates increase airflow, consequently make more horsepower and torque

State of the art Made in USA Camshaft Kit Includes:

• Camshaft 8620 steel
• Roller lifters
• Chrome molly heat treated push rods
• Roller camshaft valve springs

Len Fanelli @ laf48(at) {please substitute @ for (at)}
Or 914 420-8699
Abingdon Performance

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  1. David Fletcher MGTD JUK 487 says:

    I think the installation of the clock is excellent much neater than mine 5 yrs ago. However if you want it to look more original you can paint the dial with Ford Crystal Green spray. Then repaint the dial as original with no figures .

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