The Badge on the Rear Bumper of the TD MK II

The Editor has recently been engaged in correspondence on this subject.

The point at issue is how the badge was fixed to the rear bumper of the TD MK II.

However, before proceeding too far, Brian Craft, an early TD MK II owner, pointed out the following to me:

“The Mark two TD, (chassis prefix TDC) did not originally have the additional “Mark II” badges fitted. These were fitted from December 1952 (ch/no 22613) to the bonnet sides and on a plinth in the centre of the rear bumper. It is generally thought that this plinth was a chrome plated casting.

In Malcolm Green’s book, T-Series Restoration Guide, it shows on page 16 a photograph of an EX-U model TC which has a similar plinth fitted to the rear bumper although this one is octagonal whereas the Mark II one is rectangular.

Also, at the time these badges were fitted the radiator slats became chrome plated instead of being matched to the trim colour.”

In a follow up e-mail Brian pointed me in the direction of Cornwall Classic Hire’s website at If you click on ‘Car Sales’ and then click on ‘View Details’ you can read about the details of TD/C 28381 pictured below:

If you click on ’50 Years with a 1953 TD Mark 2’ you can read about the car’s history. I contacted the owner of 50 years and asked him about the fixing of badge on the rear bumper. His reply was:

“The rear bumper MARK II badge was originally on a shaped metal plinth, welded to the bumper before chroming, through which the badge was bolted. Back in the mists of time I replaced the bumper on DNH 637 and made a wooden plinth painted white. This was reused on the rebuild”.

Thanks to Paul Critchley for the photographs of the rear bumper TD MK II plinth arrangement and badge accompanying this article.

Rear of MK II badge showing maker’s name (J Fray Ltd. Birmingham). This company supplied badges to MG in the pre and post-war period.

3 thoughts on “The Badge on the Rear Bumper of the TD MK II

  1. Erik Benson says:

    Hello. . .I have had two Mk 11 s and another of a friend, and this plinth is a new one on me – – -sorry

  2. Erik Benson says:

    Oops !! That’s what time does !. . .of course . . .My MK11s were the early ones without badging. i made an alloy pllnth for the rear now that I remember.

  3. Bill says:

    This has been great infomation for me thanks to the editor. Just a side note my shop is now restoring a Mark II. Just happens to be Car no. 22613. Thats so cool.

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