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Welcome to the first TTT 2 magazine of 2011! This month you have 24 pages instead of the usual 20. This is to compensate somewhat for the lengthy front cover article, thereby ensuring that you have a similar variety of articles as provided in past issues.

As we enter a year (yet another!) of austerity in the UK it seems that the motorist is getting clobbered once again. The average price of a litre of petrol (gasoline) is now 127 pence, which equates to £5.77 per Imperial gallon. Therefore to fill up with say, ten gallons, costs the best part of 58 GBP. Ten Imperial gallons is equivalent to twelve US gallons, so if my maths are right (never my strong point) twelve US gallons, if bought in the UK and paid for in dollars (at $1.58 = £1) would cost just over 91 USD (that’s 7.60 USD per US gallon!).

Unfortunately the misery for us poor, downtrodden souls in the UK doesn’t end there. Motor insurance is set to rocket; to quote from a recent Financial Times article:

“A number of UK insurers have suffered large losses as a result of bodily injury claims from car- crash victims, who have been encouraged by claims management companies and no-win, no- fee solicitors.”

Of one thing you can be sure; like the bookmakers, who never lose, the insurance companies will always ensure that they get their money back through higher premiums!

Well, I’m not usually a miserable ‘so and so’ but it’s enough to make you think twice before venturing out very far and when you do, it’s a real challenge, if you have a beam axle car and still have Bishop Cam steering, to manoeuvre around all those potholes which have suddenly appeared on our roads as a result of the Arctic temperatures we endured in December. Mind you, some would say that it’s a real challenge, even if there weren’t any potholes!

The number of “subscribers” to TTT 2 continues to grow and at the time of writing (14th January) we are just twenty short of the magic one thousand. I’m pretty confident that by the time of the next editorial we shall be heading for the next one thousand!

The TTT2 section of the website has been updated so that two new links appear at the top of every page alongside the search box. The first, “Tell A Friend”, lets you fill out a “virtual postcard” to a fellow T-Typer which sends them a short email informing them about and TTT2. This is a grassroots way for you to help us spread the word to others who may benefit from the content and services available on this website, so if you do know someone who would benefit from hearing about, we’d be very grateful if you would find the time to take a look at this new feature and send a virtual postcard to someone you know.

The second link is the “TTT2 Archive” and is a handy reference to download any of the issues of TTT2 that have been published so far. Simply click on the desired TTT2 cover picture to download that particular issue.

Development work on the website is continuing apace and two new features are being worked on, which we will keep close to our chests for the time being. I am currently holding up the categorisation of our suppliers listing – there are not enough hours in the day, but I will simply have to make some time to complete this job.

Donations have been coming in thick and fast and at the end of December we had £572.44 in the ‘kitty’. From this £36.95 has been transferred into the ‘hard’ copy account as it is money that I have raised through the sale of gasket sets and the ‘hard’ copy fund needs every penny it can get because it is running at a loss. The sum of £88.12 has been deducted in respect of printing and postage costs for complimentary ‘hard’ copies sent to contributors and £250 has been invested for five (5) years’ worth of domain name and website hosting. Overall, a satisfactory position except for the ‘hard’ copy economics which is down to me to sort out – it will be sorted!

As mentioned in the last issue, the ‘T’ Register is holding its annual ‘Rebuild’ event on Saturday 5th March 2011 at Oxford & Cherwell Valley Motor Sports College, Bicester, OX26 4LA. The final agenda looks like this:

* TABC Instrumentation – A Question and Answer session by Speedograph Richfield
* TABC Back Axle – by Roger Furneaux
* An Update on T Type Electrics – by Barrie Jones
* Practical MG TD – Maintenance, Update & Innovation – by Jonathan Goddard; Jonathan will be enlarging on his recently published book
* Suck, Squeeze, Bang, Blow. A case study of modern fuels in the XPAG/XPEG by Paul Ireland.
* An Open Forum on ‘Fuel for Thought’ – A discussion of the problems encountered using modern fuels in old cars.

Applications, quoting MGCC membership number, email contact address, telephone contact, and postal address, together with your cheque for the appropriate amount (£25.00 for MGCC members, £32.50 for non-members), should be mailed to Peter Cole, 8 Aldbourne Drive, BOGNOR REGIS, West Sussex PO21 4 NE. Tel: 01243 267234. Cheques payable to Peter Cole, please.

Finally, I look forward to meeting those of you who are going to Stoneleigh on 20th February. We will be in Hall 1, opposite Barry Walker’s stall.


‘Totally T-Type 2’ is produced totally on a voluntary basis and is available on the website on a totally FREE basis. Its primary purpose is to help T-Type owners through articles of a technical nature and point them in the direction of recommended service and spares suppliers. Articles are published in good faith but I cannot accept responsibility or legal liability and in respect of contents, liability is expressly disclaimed.

Before doing anything that could affect the safety of your car seek professional advice.


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  1. Ron Garguilo says:

    Have Goddard’s book and enjoy it immensely. Article on oil leak fix requires a small tin modified to catch the dripping oil. Here in the US there is no such tin. I would like to get in touch with Goddard to have him purchase and forward to me the tins he referenced. I will gladly forward the necessary funds to accomplish this. Seems odd, but I tried all over. The product Colron(wood dye) in UK comes in such tins but not available here. The tins here that meet the spec have plastic compressed caps(OOPS eg.)and not suitable nor adaptable for the application. Thanks

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