TC10178 – saved from sitting on bricks since 1967 in a Sheffield lock up garage (Part 10 – Final Part)

We last left the rebuild story at the point where Norman was in the process of fitting the upholstery. Over to Norman………………

I then set about cutting and gluing the rear vinyl trim in. Having finished that I decided to leave the wheel arch covers until my daughter, Tanya is here week after next. She was a seamstress and will get it right, I’ll cut in the wrong places and get it wrong.

Now what idiot has put the lighting conduit over, instead of under, the chassis? The idiot routed them correctly in about ten minutes, having cut the square out of the driver’s carpet it fitted correctly over the brake pedals and under the rubber fluted boot. I will fit the “lift-the-dot” fasteners later, it isn’t essential now. Robin (apprentice) helped me fit the squabs into the back rest and I them screwed the seat brackets down. If anyone needs to know, the front of the three holes in the bracket nearest the door is 61 cm from the wheel arch. As I had no sleep last night, I was feeling a bit tired so just plodded on steadily and, sitting in the car for the first time ever, not counting sitting on the seat with legs outside when it was taken of the transporter nearly 13 months ago, asked Maurice to photograph the event. So, the interior is finished apart from the wheel arch covers being glued down and the carpet studs fitted.

Above: A grinning gnome sitting in a car. Could be Noddy. Below: The rear trim showing the wheel arch covers yet to be glued in.

I started the rebuild on 28th April 2015. If it’s finished on Thursday, 27th it will be exactly 13 months. If the bodyshop had done what they’re doing now three months earlier it would have been finished weeks ago.

Started work getting the dash ready to refit. I have made two extension looms for the multi-plugs so the dash can be pulled well away without having to undo wires. Problem is I only have 3 multi-plug ends so the fourth end is spade connectors to push onto the male end of a multi-plug. I had a nightmare trying to reach under the dash to refit a black wire that has come away. In the end, after an hour of struggling, I gave up and will ask Robin to do it.

The two extension leads. They are on the boot of an MG F. So this Citroen dealer has two TCs and an MGB and MGF in his workshop.

Dash fitted and steering wheel on.

Running board on.

Piping in and all bolted up

Maurice, drilling for the screws for the rear wing.

Tank on. The two top bolts need painting. Maurice will finish them and the apron bolts with a brush. Spare wheel carrier next……….

And I finished fitting the spare wheel and the rear plate with lights and number plate. I know the rear plate isn’t straight, I’ll sort that next week. Now you now why Lynne calls the car Cassidy.

Maurice has fitted one door and is doing the other as I take this picture. The one and only time you’ll see the hood on. Oh… and the windscreen is fitted.

See, I said the hood wouldn’t go up again. Headlights, horn and spot fitted. I know one headlamp has no lens. It broke in transit and another is on its way. Held up due to petrol strike in France. One side light is partially fitted. I was so tired and the bloody thing has a double filament bulb making it hard to store the wire that I gave up and will finish it in the morning.

The tonneau isn’t fitted yet but the mirrors are. Maurice thought they were transposed so we tried swapping them over. Found the width between the screw holes are different so put them back this way.

Does look good……..even without the bonnet!

So that’s it for the penultimate day. Bonnet, inner door trims and locks, the rear light to wire up and the front sidelights. Should be finished by lunchtime with three of us working on it…. plans again.

We fitted the hood and Robin held it tight over the screen. We put masking tape where the stanchions go and positioned the screen so the hood would be taught. We marked the three holes with a pen and then drilled one side. Maurice then measured the height above the join and distance from the front edge, marked the three holes and drilled. Remove tape and fit new screws. It’s a good fit. Easy.

To say I’m furious is a huge understatement. I’m at least ten levels above furious. I bought the side and rear lamps from Moss. The rear lamps are £98.xx plus VAT, so just under £120. They are complete and utter xxxxxxx. They would be complete and utter xxxxxxx if they were only a fiver.

Ed’s note: I don’t think Norman was very pleased with his purchase!

I ran the rear loom into the O/S rear lamp, temporarily connected the wires and the side light flickered and went out. I wiggled the wire and they came back on. I then went to fit the wires permanently. The connectors in the lamp are held to a brown board via a common ali rivet. This ali rivet was not holding the wires on and the thing fell apart when the ali rivet came out one side. It would not hold the contact and connector for the bullet. I took the lamp off, drilled the rivet out, made piece of plastic and fixed the contacts and connectors to the plastic.

The offending rear lamp. You can see my home-made mods.

Close up. It works OK.

Gave everyone two bottles of wine as a ‘thank you’ for putting up with me over the last six months and refitted the rear lamp and wired both up. This entailed cutting the loom short as it was far too long. So, I now have four side lights but no brake lights, or no headlamps. I have noticed the petrol pump isn’t working so dash down and after a lot of pushing and wire following find the white ignition lead is out. Eventually I get it back in its correct socket but it keeps falling out. So, I get it in and cable tie the multi-plug to the wire cable tidy to stop it pulling on the wires and all is well, except me. I’m exhausted. I tidied up the rear loom then fitted the two door interior panels. Maurice fitted the locks. The doors shut with a slight touch, no movement, marvellous!

Door trims, very nice and easy to fit.

Can’t find the bonnet slide so I’ll order a new one. The bonnet is on but the locks need adjusting On one side the bonnet isn’t fitting very well so I’ll have to sort that in the morning. Maurice is going to paint the exposed bolts with a brush in the morning, I’m fitting the half tonneau and the interior mirror. Then a wash and hoover and home. See, I’m still making plans, will this fool never learn?

Confession time, apart from the cable tie under the dash, I’ve used Philips screws for the rear number plate. I’m going to make a temporary plate for the front number plate and order the correct one on Monday morning.

Maurice fitting the bonnet – the car will be as good as finished in the morning.

The, as good as finished, car. I’ve taken this with wide angle so you can see the MGC behind and the other TC on the right. There is an F on the right but not in this picture.

Ed’s note: Here are some pictures taken in the sun on the garage forecourt……

The list of work to be finished is:

-Refit n/s interior trim panel (removed by Maurice to fit door lock)

-Fit the side screen box

-Fit the clips to the battery box lid and fit to car

-Fit the Half tonneau. Fit the full tonneau (daughter,Tanya is bringing it next week)

-Open horn and repair. (It doesn’t work but has a short inside, according to the ammeter)

-Fit new headlight bulbs and one lens (on order, should be here next week with Tanya)

-Fix rear number plate brackets properly. (Only held on with one bolt)

-Fit clips to rear loom to hold it inside chassis. Fit clips to rear loom to hold it to rear number plate.

-Fix non-charging

-Connect wiper motor wires.

-Adjust brakes and clutch

-Petrol warning light not working

-30 mph light not working

-grease and check oil and water.

Oooh, June tomorrow and summer will arrive in a few days. June is the last month of this blog but I’m starting a new one, by popular demand. There will be plenty of cars for the next few months. My friend’s TC engine has to come out, mine has to come out, the Mini engine and car is to be renovated. I have the small ride-on to fix, the mower on the tractor, grass to cut (if it stops raining I might sit down for Christmas).

So, I guess that’s it for the TTT2 edition. I would like to thank John for entertaining me and all you for reading it.

The full blog can be read at (MG TC, bottom left) After June it carries on in the new blog: LIFE AT LA FOIE-DAILY BLOG

Ed’s note: Thank you Norman for entertaining us, it’s been a challenge editing your blog but I’ve done it with a smile. Most of all, well done for saving TC10178 from sitting on bricks in a Sheffield lock-up garage since 1967.