TC Starter Switch – Just Adjust

Photo 1 – the switch in position.

It is not uncommon to have difficulty installing a TC starter switch. It never seems like the pull lever is in the right position. Or, what about the pull cable requiring a real effort to get the switch to engage? The solution is often quite simple, but not obvious.

Let’s take a look.

First, understand that the Lucas ST-10 switch was used on many different cars. Therefore, it had to be adjustable to suit the configuration of each engine bay. Lucas solved this problem by cleverly using a “ratchet” design to allow the switch barrel to rotate. Additionally, the length of the pull lever could be changed to provide an “easy pull” of the starter cable.

To optimize the adjustment of the switch for the TC, simply turn the barrel of the switch to align the pull lever and the starter cable. If the lever is short lengthen it. This will give an easier pull to start your car. Adjust the length by pushing the lever on both sides of the barrel and simultaneously sliding it in the barrel slots to the last notch. You should have about 1⁄4” stub exposed on the barrel opposite the pull lever.

A quick inspection just might help to extend the life of your starter switch and cable. If it is not right, just adjust!

Photo 2 – Three switches all the same but have the lever positioned adjusted differently.
Photo 3 – The switch lever has 3 detents to adjust the length. The ratchet can be seen in the bottom of the barrel and base plate.

For a detailed look at original Lucas literature of the internals of the ST-10 switch, please visit my website: Tech Tips / EL270 Lucas ST-10

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  1. Godfrey says:

    Noticed the steering column was pushed up hard against the starter (doing a build-up of a ’46 TC). Thought the steering box had shifted somehow – thanks for setting me straight on this adjustment.

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