Leaving Your Mark: An MG Tradition

I always enjoy the discovery of a new stamping or marking on an obscure part of the TC. Most all parts will normally have some visual stamping done by the manufacturer to help identify a specific part and or a date of manufacturer. However, when the parts were actually installed on the production line at Abingdon, the workers would sometimes add their own little something to “leave their mark”.

Here are some examples. Were these workers’ or manufacturers’ marks?

“BERRY” – Stamped on rear springs.

Ed’s Note: “Berry” stands for Brockhouse Berry of Manchester, the original suppliers of TC springs.

“Horse head” Logo – stamped on front spring leaf.
“WM” or “WML” – stamped on the pivot pin of front spring to chassis.
Single punch mark – stamped at each machine screw of the front axle buffer plate.

A few years ago I was told of the sighting of the MG logo stamped on the head of the front engine mount bolt. However, I was sceptical as I had never seen one. A few weeks ago I was archiving some old rusty parts in my “original items” box. As I threw a couple of engine bolts into the box, I remembered I should look for the fabled markings. Pretty rusty, but wait, maybe something. I gave them a quick touch of sandpaper and there is was – the MG Logo.

MG logo on old TC front engine mounting bolts

The logo was significant in that is was exactly the same size and definition of the MG logo on the gas cap trigger. I was well familiar with it because I have had this same hand stamp made for my company to manufacturer the TC gas cap triggers. So I had to assume that someone on the production line came across this hand stamp and stuck it in their pocket. And then when the chassis went down the line this unknown worker “left his mark”.

Now some 65 years later his mark has been discovered and although the worker is unknown his legacy lives on. Today the replacement front engine bolts being sold by From The Frame Up have been hand stamped by me with the same MG logo to carry on the MG tradition. And hopefully after another 65 years someone will rediscover these and say, “Oh, that was Doug and he left his mark”.

Replacement front engine mounting bolts from FTFU stamped with the MG logo.

Please let me know if you discover any other items of interest on the TC.

Doug Pelton

Ed’s note: The punch mark (to lock each of the four machine screws on the front axle buffer plate) was referred to in the August issue. If your car has two of these punch marks at each machine screw they would have been struck by Jimmy Cox.

It is reasonably well known that Triple-M cars (certainly the Js and Ps) had the chassis number and colour stamped on the inside of the bonnet hinge, but not so well known that TCs (and possibly TA and TB?) had the chassis number stamped on the front inside corner of the bonnet sides (as well as on the chassis itself). This may only have applied to the early cars?

‘BEES’ bolts are to be found around the bulkhead on the TC (the bolts are 5/16” x 2 3⁄4” BSF). Is the raised stamping on the head of the bolt meant to resemble a bee?

Actually ‘BEES’ was a trade name and the bolts were manufactured by Acton Bolt Ltd of Chase Road, London NW10.