Lost & Found

TC8058 (KKB 676)

The Guarantee plate for TC8058 was recently found in a box of bits by a T-Typer in Australia, who is restoring TC2575. TC8058 is KKB 676, which comes up on the DVLA search facility as ‘Not taxed for on road use’. The date of the last V5C (registration document) is 25th November 1983, which confirms that it has been off the road since then.

This information has been passed to me by Stewart Penfound, who maintains the TA/B/C Register for the T Register of the MG Car Club.

If the registration number jogs someone’s memory would they please get in touch with me at jj(at)ttypes.org  [Please substitute @ for (at)]. I will then pass on the details to Stewart.

TB0273 (BBE 83)

This fine looking TB belongs to Andrew McWilliam. Andrew is seeking details of the car’s early life. He bought the car from Nutley Sports Cars in Sussex, it having been restored by Rees Bros of Aldershot.

Enquiries of the original registration authority (the Lindsey District of North Lincolnshire) appear to have run into the sand.

Any ‘leads’ to me, please at the ttypes address and I will pass them on to Andrew.

TC0465  Where are you now?

The following has been received from Jeffrey Brodrick:

“Just wondered if someone, somewhere, might be interested in a YouTube clip of an early 1946 TC, chassis no. 0465, reputed to be the first TC to be imported into South Africa, which has been sent to me from North America.   The car was then owned in the early 1980s by Guy Gilchrist of Washington State, son of Fred Gilchrist who was a successful businessman and serious car collector in South Africa in the 1970s.  I also have a photo of Fred driving this car at the Kyalami circuit in SA with Niki Lauda sat abreast the passenger seat, as it was raced against the big boys!   It would be interesting to know where this car is now.    I say this because I own a 2nd TC that belonged to Fred, being chassis no. 0542 dating to March 1946.  So, both cars were early 1946 cars, both exported straight to South Africa, and both exported in about 1980 to Washington State, and both cars black with red interiors.”

The YouTube clip is:

The photo of Fred Gilchrist driving this car at the Kyalami circuit in SA with Niki Lauda sat abreast the passenger seat is reproduced below.

If you can help regarding the car’s whereabouts, Jeffrey can be contacted at:

jeffreybrodrick(at)gmail.com [Please substitute @ for (at)].

TD13025 (KFG 388) and TD27201 (DNH 487)

Nick Ofield has asked me to publish a repeat request for information about two TDs he owned in the past.

First, TD13025 (KFG 388).

Nick owned this TD for nearly 18 years from 1974 until 1992 and would love to get in touch with the present owner. The car comes up using the DVLA search facility as ‘Untaxed’ as at January 2003 and the last V5C change is recorded as 30th January 2003.

Better news (in that it has much more recent history) of TD27201 (DNH 487).

Nick owned this car for one year only in 1966/67 The car comes up using the DVLA search facility as ‘Untaxed’ as at May 2018 and the last V5C change is recorded as 23rd November 2011.

I have received information (I regret that I can’t remember from whom) that one of these cars, probably DNH 487, was at the T Register’s 30th birthday party at the Shuttleworth Collection, Old Warden, Biggleswade, Beds.

If you can help fill in some gaps about the history of either car Nick is at suphanne(at)hotmail.com [Please substitute @ for (at)].

TB0267 (was FOE 890)

Mike Inglehearn is currently restoring this Tickford in France. There was an article on the car in the March issue of Classic and Sports Car. A previous owner (Malcolm Pritchard) saw the article and emailed me with some details of his ownership between 1962 and 1964.

Malcolm paid £80 for the Tickford from someone in the Small Heath district of Birmingham. At the time he was an engineering student apprentice with Girling Brakes. The car was used daily to travel to Girling in Tyseley  Birmingham, for periods at their manufacturing plant in Cwmbran South Wales, and travel to and from Loughborough during college time.

Socially it was used for holidays, including travelling to Newquay Cornwall, where Malcolm can remember stripping and cleaning out the SU carburettors, due to lumpy running.

The car proved to be reliable during this time.

In 1964 Malcolm spent 6 months in USA and asked his father to sell the car, which he did for £90.

Mike Inglehearn is keen to trace more history of the car. Contact details are mingle54(at)btinternet.com [Please substitute @ for (at)]


John Libbert in the US has sent me the following:

“This TC is a home market car. I purchased it in 1990 as the proverbial basket case but it does have the original engine with it. The condition of the car has been the same as when I purchased it for the last three owners. I’m not sure when it was imported to the US nor it’s condition at the time. It sounded like the car was here at least in the 80’s but possibly sooner. The car appears to have originally been black with tan interior that was dyed/painted green at some time.”  Any clues?

John also has the remains of a package/basket case TC he bought for spares (no chassis). The registration number of this is GC? 865 – the  third letter of the registration could be a ‘G’ – if so, it would be a Hampshire registration. Any clues?

John’s contact details are jorolibb(at)aol.com [Please substitute @ for(at)].