Lost & Found

TF6227 (SYB 350)

Jane Bateson is enquiring about this TF1250 on behalf of her neighbour, who owned the car in the mid-fifties. This wonderful period photograph was almost certainly taken within a year or two of its first registration.

SYB 350 comes up from the DVLA search facility as having changed hands in June of this year and is taxed and on the road. Prior to this, Jane says that the car was located in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex.

If you can help, please contact the editor at jj(at)ttypes.org [Please substitute @ for (at)].

TA1854 (GPA 631)

Martin Smith is looking for any information on this TA. GPA 631 comes up from the DVLA search facility as ‘Untaxed’. It has not been active since the turn of the millennium.

If you can help, Martin would like to hear from you at Smithm503(at)btinternet.com [Please substitute @ for (at)].

TA???? (EP 6693)

Nick Morris would love to know what has become of this car. It was owned by his grandfather, John (Jack) Morris, for a period in (roughly) the late forties/early fifties.  He lived in Welshpool at the time. Whilst in his ownership, Nick’s dad (Des) learnt to drive in it. Nick can be contacted at nick-morris(at)outlook.com [Please substitute @ for (at)].

EP 6693, a 1936 TA ‘Not taxed for road use’ – last V5C issued by DVLA back in January 2006.

TB ???? (DVE 414)

Dave Lewis sent me this photo of DVE 414 with wartime blackout shutters. The car was owned by the late Bill Ison, a remarkable man.

Bill joined the RAF before the start of the war and trained as an engine fitter.

Once the war started, he volunteered for aircrew duties as an air gunner in Ansons, because he thought the girls would like the uniform!

He then transferred to North Africa on Blenheims and whilst there was selected for pilot training. Following his training in (what was then) Rhodesia, he returned to North Africa, now as a Blenheim pilot.

He later transferred back to England flying Lancasters and attacking the rocket bases in France.

After the war he went on to be a civilian flying instructor with Cambridge Flying Group. He taught for over 60 years on Tiger Moths, becoming Britain’s oldest Flying Instructor at the age of 89.

Sadly, he died at age 90.

He always talked very fondly of his MG, as the following extract from one of the many articles he wrote for The Cambridge Flying Group magazine attests:

“The Spring and Summer of 1940 were very typically seasonal, in that spring turned young men’s thoughts to love, and summer warmed them up to fruition. The war was ticking over, Dunkirk was just a French seaside town, and there was nothing much to shoot at (except the rabbits around our Norfolk aerodrome). I had just become an AG, with a half wing brevet (instead of the least glamorous flying bullet) and dear old Dad had bought me a new MG – black with cream upholstery and silver wire wheels, DVE 414.”

Dave Lewis, who learnt to fly on Tiger Moths at Cambridge Flying Group from 2005 with Bill Ison, would dearly like to know if Bill’s old TB has survived. He can be contacted as follows: d.o.lewis.dh82a(at)googlemail.com [Please substitute @ for (at)].

Ed’s note:      DVE 414 does not come up from the DVLA search facility. Notwithstanding this, there are scores, possibly hundreds, of cars in being prior to the formation of the DVLA, which have never been registered on the system.

TA or TB or TC?

Ted Hack kindly sent me this photo. It was taken by his father, who was on his second or third major work trip to India in early 1966. Location was probably Poona, but could have been Bombay (now Mumbai). TA owner, Ted, bought his TA in 1963 so his dad knew that he would be interested to see a T-Type on India.

I wonder if the car is still around?

TA or B or C (MG 7193)

This car doesn’t come up from interrogating the DVLA search facility, but it must surely have survived? Any leads, please to jj(at)ttypes.org [Please substitute @ for (at)].

TA0381 (FPB 91)

Here’s another, which appears to have ‘gone to ground’. Shown as ‘Untaxed’ on the DVLA search facility, the last V5C is recorded as 13th December 1985. Any leads, please to jj(at)ttypes.org [Please substitute @ for (at)].

TA3124 (CSF 886)

This one counts as a ‘Found’ as it was sold at Mathewsons Auctions in October for £12,000.


TC1154 (FA8262)

Rick Buckley is seeking early ownership (prior to 1965) information for his car, which he has recently acquired. He has details of the last two owners, but would like to complete the history file. He can be contacted at rick.buckley(at)btopenworld.com [Please substitute @ for (at)].


One that ‘slipped through my net’ and should have appeared in the August issue, with apologies to the owners. This car, which was featured in MG Enthusiast in 2008, was sold from Australia to the United States in 2012. It is possible, but not confirmed, that TC0721 may have found its way back to Australia.

The previous owners would love to get in touch with its present owner as they have some history on the car which they would like to pass on.

Contact details are juliananddi1(at)gmail.com [Please substitute @ for (at)].

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  1. [email protected] says:

    I well remember seeing the Tiger Moths at the Airfield, on the left side of the roadway, on entering the outskirts of Cambridge, via a bus ride from RAF Lakenheath, where I was an Air Traffic Con-troller, in the 60’s; I went to Cambridge many many times. I recently found out that my old haunts are all gone: the Bell Hotel, the Criterion, the Cellar/Stable Bar! A Pity! Jan W. G. Johnson

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