Bits & Pieces

Archway Engineering (Manchester)

One to make you weep!

Rick Buckley sent me this invoice from a well-known 1960s dealer. It was for parts he purchased for TA1449 (CTB 401).

The August 2022 issue of TTT 2 told us how Rick bought CTB 401 as a fourteen-year-old in 1968 for £25. An ex-Lancashire police car, it was in pretty poor shape with a cracked block and an engine in bits.

He recalls a bus journey from Oldham to Manchester to visit the Aladdin’s Cave at Archway to buy the parts with money he had saved from weekend work delivering fruit and veg to local shops.

Those were the days!

Useful Suppliers’ contacts

Matt Sanders has used these two companies in the past. The details may be of interest to owners in the local area:

West Country Windings of Harlow, Essex (used to be in Plymouth). Tel: 01279 731172. Website at:

Ignition repair specialist (includes dynamo rewinds) and they also provide a vapour blasting service which is ideal for refinishing parts, such as carburettors and engine components.

Venhill of Dorking, Surrey. Tel: 01306 885111.

They do brake and hydraulic pipes and to measure and pattern fittings plus control cables.

Matt has found both these companies to be quick and reliable.

Overflow pipe on radiator

Ian Ailes sends me lots of tips which he has picked up over the 22 years he spent restoring his TD. The car is pictured below with Ian showing one of his nephews how the fly-off handbrake works.

One of the tips was learnt the hard way, due to the car boiling over when tuning the carburettors (more to follow on tuning in a future edition).

Says Ian,” Whilst setting the carbs up in the heat, the car boiled over.  I realised that the overflow pipe discharges just above the wiring loom and crossmember so I have fitted a length of hose to run any water down below the chassis.  Here are some photos.  It is important to make sure the pipe is clear to allow the header tank to breathe.  The hose was in my box of spare bits but fitted snugly.” 

Above (left) length of spare hose. Above (right) hose fitted to overflow pipe.

Here’s a couple more…..

Ed’s note: I have also done the same on my J2 and like Ian, I learnt the hard way when some nasty rusty water from the radiator overflow discharged itself over my brand, new wiring loom.

Supplier feedback (Burlen)

David James has helpfully sent in the following:

“Having just received your notification about the latest edition of TTT 2 reminded me to send you some feedback on a supplier of services that I have recently used. The carburettors on my TC have been leaking for quite some time. The hold-up bolts (that secure the float chamber to the body) have been working loose. I’d replaced the washers and have been gingerly tightening them, but then the thread on one stripped. When I examined the other the thread in the body was badly damaged. I needed to fit Helicoils, but the blind hole with the fuel drilling to one side suggested that I should leave it to someone with experience. So, I contacted Burlen and was able to speak to the person who would be doing the work. He was very helpful and so I sent off the two bodies, stripped of all other components. The ‘restoration’ man emailed me to say that he’d received them and then phoned with an update. He was able to fit in the job between other full restorations. I was pleased with the result and was much more confident when tightening the hold-up bolts.”