Lost and Found

The article entitled “Some TB facts and figures” created a lot of interest.

Francis Goosens suggested that his TB0618 might be one of the 3 Belgian TBs (yes, it is). He bought it in 2009 from a Dutchman living in Belgium.

Martin van der Merwe messaged to say that he has TB0590 in South Africa and it is awaiting restoration. This car was in Sweden in the late 1990s, coming over from England in (I think) 1997.

Erik Benson in France recalled the very rapid TB he once owned and sent me lots of pictures.

He bought the chassis (TB0593) with its logbook (BBN 243) from Terry Bone at Beaulieu in the 90s.  Just a bare and bent chassis, which was then brought back to life using a pointed tail body from Compound Curvatures in England . . . a full race, blown 1500 engine from his faithful TD racer, and a Ford 5 speed box, (as he thought he might use her on the road too); other parts from where he could find them. . . TC rear axle with TA diff in France; front axle  from a racing pal.  Datsun brake drums in California, steering box from Barry Walker.  He redesigned the bonnet, by cutting away about a foot of bulkhead and making a much longer bonnet. (ex Delahaye spare!).  He designed and made the seats, covered in grey leather from the back of a French Jaguar saloon. . and even made the steering wheel! –  and the foam-filled fuel tank was from a Citroen 2CV van!   The 18 inch wheels were made in London. It was very powerful …. Over 140bhp, and when running in at le Vigeant circuit it easily passed a Bugatti T55 racer!

The car was sold and the last time Erik saw her was with her new Parisian owner.

Erik would very much like to know how the car is currently performing.

Ed’s note: (from Erik)“I must add. . . . to all the purists out there. . . .  I started with ONLY a totally stripped chassis, so I did not rubbish an otherwise restorable original car.”

TB0336 (JPE 110)

Peter Chase from Bedford contacted me with the following introduction to his message:

“Occasionally I like to Google “MG TB JPE110” – maybe once every couple of years or so.  Imagine my shock and surprise when your August edition popped up, only to find said registration mark listed in your excellent article on the production history of the MG TB.” 

Peter’s father, John Chase, who died last year, was a lifelong car enthusiast. His last car was a Jaguar XK150S, which is now with Peter, but prior to this he owned a TF for around 10 years and before Peter arrived on the scene, a TB Tickford was his pride and joy. This would have been around 1958/1960.

Whenever John spoke about the Tickford, he was always keen to point out what a rare car a TB was, production having been halted by the outbreak of war, and being a Tickford made it even more special, he would tell Peter.

Peter takes up the story……  ”Clearly, he had fond memories of it.  Just how fond I was not to truly realise until he decided he would like a painting done of it, and in 1985 commissioned no less an artist than Dion Pears to create one.  Now, if you don’t know who Dion Pears was, he became famous for painting racing cars, yachts and aircraft in the 60s and 70s.  His clients were a who’s who of racing drivers.  According to his obituary, Enzo Ferrari, no less, had a sole painting in his study, and it was by Mr Pears.  The artist died in 1986, and my father’s commission was, in fact, his last.  Quite an honour.”

TB Tickford JPE 110 painted by Dion Pears. The car is flying past a milestone marked “Cambridge 41” (John lived in Luton – so that’s about right).

Dion Pears worked from photographs, as he was sadly afflicted by agoraphobia*.  Some of the photos supplied by John for his commission follow. *agoraphobia is a type of anxiety disorder in which you fear and avoid places or situations that might cause you to panic and make you feel trapped, helpless or embarrassed e.g. open or closed spaces, shopping centres, public transport, being in a crowd….

JPE 110 comes up from a DVLA search as ‘Not taxed for road use’. The date of the last V5C is 7th October 1983, so it may have been off the road for nearly 37 years. The colour is now red.

Peter Chase would very much like to make contact with the owner for news of the car.

Peter’s e-mail is peter(at)chaseqv.com [Please substitute @ for (at)]

MG TC? AEF 157

On my visits to Adrian Moore’s body shop in Weston-Super-Mare (which comes with a firm recommendation from me for T-type and Triple-M work, including rebuilds and painting); also modern (in my parlance) MGs – MGA/MGB, I have always been intrigued by a painting hanging in his office of a “TC”. The picture is obviously not in the Dion Pears league (a close up is shown above). I recently took the time to look up when and where the registration mark AEF 157 was first issued and find that it was first made available in 1951 by West Hartlepool County Borough Council.

I’m now even more intrigued, because the number would have been more likely to have been on a TD. Can anybody in that area of the North East help solve this mystery?

TC8208 (KNA 494)

This is a ‘last call’ for information on this car, which used to belong to Chris Keevill’s brother. We managed to find his brother’s TD and Enjoying MG traced his mother’s TF, but the TC is proving to be elusive. It’s a maroon 1949 TC and comes up from a DVLA search as ‘Not taxed for road use’. It’s out there somewhere – let’s hope that it’s a case of third time lucky of featuring this request.

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