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Fuel sender unit

Kevin Rowton has been experiencing problems with the sender unit in his TC. He writes as follows:

“My sender unit on the petrol tank failed due to fuel leaking in to the float. I got another and the same problem has arisen again with the dash light staying on when there is plenty of fuel in the tank. The plastic floats simply aren’t up to the job. I think eventually brass soldered floats would give the same problem as modern fuels attack the solder joints. I have had to replace the brass floats in the carbs because of this issue.  Has anyone found a solution to this problem please?”

Your editor comments that “I have not heard of this problem with the floats on sender units, so I’m not sure if it is a common occurrence. I have a new (old stock) sender unit for sale, has surface rust, but should be OK. At 20 GBP plus postage it represents a significant saving on a new shiny one (with plastic float?).”

XPAG Oil Pump Circlip Replacement

Visitors to the website may not have seen Graeme Hogg’s comment at the bottom of Eric Worpe’s article. It reads as follows:

“Just to share my experience whilst recently rebuilding my XPAG. My replacement shaft measured 12.96mm OD and the groove 11.09mm ID x 1.31mm width. I have used a spring steel snap ring, SW12-M2400 from Simply Bearings. I replicated Eric’s test using MS test pieces I machined and easily achieved 4Tons (the “bang” came just under 5T). For that purpose, my dummy “gear” was a slip fit on the shaft, not the interference fit of the actual parts. I took care to only expand the ring just enough to ease it into the groove and avoid over stretching. Hope this may be of interest….”

XPAG engines For Sale

TC 1500cc      Late block, linered and bored 72mm and pressure tested. Late crank std/std, crack tested. Lip sealed front and back on speedi-sleeve. Steel ‘spider’ flywheel, diaphragm clutch, all balanced. Big sump, 280 deg, fast road cam, vernier timing sprocket set, stage II big valve unleaded head.

TD/TF 1350cc             Late block bored to 1350cc, lightened and balanced, lip sealed. Fast road cam, unleaded stage II big valve head; or Laystall aluminium head.

Alternatively, totally refurbished period Laystall-Lucas aluminium head offered for sale separately.

Contact Ron Ward on 01422 823649 or 07790 458386 or e-mail valerieandron(at) [please substitute @ for (at)]

XPEG engine (most of)        XPEG block (AEF 117) with new Aerolite pistons (std) mains caps and new stud bolts, new Phoenix crank, new Crane camshaft, new rocker shaft, new Crane pushrods, new crank pulley, sump with oil pickup (including sump plate, alloy extension piece and mesh filter); new water pump, oil pump with new gears, timing cover, flywheel with an additional new starter ring, dipstick, rocker cover, front engine mounting plate and one 8” clutch housing. Serious offers over £5,000. Tel: 01507 600391 (Lincs) or e-mail jj(at) [please substitute @ for (at)].

XPAW block good condition with mains caps £400. Also, cylinder head casting 168422 std with slightly worn rocker arms. Contact details as above advert.

Head Gasket sets      I have two head gasket sets for TD22735 on, YB and TF1250. They are good quality sets and priced at £40 each plus postage.

Also available is a bottom end set for TB-TF (several available) at £18 plus postage. Please contact the editor at jj(at) [please substitute @ for (at)].

2 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces

  1. Tweed says:

    RE. sender unit.
    It was a case of ‘deja vou’ reading Kevin’s post as just yesterday I replaced the one in TC 0632. While it was ‘comforting’ to know the low level warning light was working, it was a surprise when it came on as I knew the tank was at least half full .. (or half empty for the pessimists). I knew that for sure as I had ‘dipped’ the tank with my trusty length of hardwood dowel before setting off from home.
    Sure enough, as with Kevin’s, the plastic float was full of fuel … so not a ‘float’ at all, more of a ‘sink’!
    I could not see any signs of a ‘puncture’ but it is in a jar to see how long it will take for the fuel to drain out.
    Rather than throw the old unit in the bin, I have in mind to make a float either from brass or copper, and silver solder ends on rather than soft solder. I’m not sure it will fare any better but ‘storing’ in a jar of petrol will find out .. it’s worth a try anyway.
    Getting a seal on the tank is also good for laugh as most will know , but I found REINZOPLAST Blue does a good job.

  2. David James says:

    In the UK I have found that Blue Hylomar sealant works well on the sender unit. It is fuel resistant and stays elastic. You must remember to put sealant on the threads of the bolts. However, I have found it necessary to tighten the bolts periodically.

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