Lost and Found

TD26050 (NEL 366)

David Smith first owned this car in 1966. It was originally green and a non-runner. His father – a Rolls Royce engineer – helped him to rebuild the engine. The 1¼” SU carburettors were replaced with a pair of 1½” and a straight through exhaust was also fitted.

The car was used as the wedding car for his marriage in Cranborne (Dorset) but on the way to the honeymoon in Salisbury it blew a core plug in the cooling system, the only time it ever let him down. A temporary repair was undertaken by his father, using a penny (the pre-decimalisation penny!).

The car has undergone a couple of changes of colour; from green to white in 1967 and from white to red in 1968 before it was sold in 1969 to buy a larger family car. It is now black with beige upholstery and is on the road.

David, who now lives in Thailand has fond memories of ‘Nel’. He can be contacted at uptlou(at)gmail.com

1955 TF1500 (Chassis number unknown).

Colin Lambon owned a TF 1500 in Bulawayo (Rhodesia) in the late 1950s. In those days he didn’t think of keeping details for posterity. His TF1500 was purchased second hand from the original owner in approx. 1955/6. It was body colour green with tan or green upholstery. He would really like to find out what happened to it.

Ed’s note: According to my copy of Clausager there were no TF1500s exported to (the then) Rhodesia.

Colin’s contact details are colinlam(at)telkomsa.net [please substitute @ for (at)].

TA1773 (GMX 420)

Karen Sutcliffe would like to get in touch with the present keeper of this TA. It was once owned by her dad and the photo shows him sitting in the car.

GMX 420 is on the road, having been totally rebuilt.

Karen can be contacted at karen6169(at)hotmail.co.uk [please substitute @ for (at)].

TC0924 (KPF 195)

An enquiry was made about this car some time back. I now have a picture which hopefully might jog someone’s memory.

TA???? (1938) DRK 184

From a previous enquiry, it has now been established that the car is now black and living in Scotland, but much work is needed to get it back on the road.

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  1. Richard Hynd says:

    I was interested in reading about the Black TA Reg no DRK184. I too live in Scotland and have a red TA with Reg no. DRK 818.

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