Lost and Found

It’s always a pleasure to get a result from an enquiry in ‘Lost & Found’. At the beginning of November, Miss Laura Bowen contacted me about a TC, registration mark LMM 922, which was owned by her father in the 1950s. I recognized the number straight away as it had featured in ‘Lost & Found’ in Issue 37. Just as a reminder, here’s a picture of LMM 922 (TC7445) as it appeared in Issue 37. I promised Laura that I would contact the owner, Pat Howe, so that they could exchange details. She was most grateful as it was soon to be her father’s 90th birthday and it would be a nice surprise to be able to tell him that his old TC, which took him and his bride on honeymoon in the 1950s is alive and well. Pat duly got in touch and sent Laura a photo of the car taken in 1967 at his parents’ house when he was ‘knee high to a grasshopper’! Laura reciprocated and sent a couple of photos of the car when it was in her dad’s ownership, one of which is reproduced below. Meanwhile, Laura had been busy preparing for her dad’s birthday party and had sourced a red TC from Franklin Mint which would sit on top of a cake she had made (picture below). LMM 922 (TC7445) in the 1950s – note the radio aerial – all ‘mod cons’! The birthday cake Laura made for her dad (David) with cake decoration ‘LMM 922’. As David’s birthday was approaching (it was on 25th November) Pat had a word with LMM 922 and asked the TC to send the following birthday card to David: Hi David, Congratulations on the 90th birthday, I celebrate my own 70th birthday later this year! It has been a long time since we were last together, and I still remember the honeymoon in the South of France. I thought as this is such a special year for both of us that it would be a good idea if I was to tell you what I have been up to since the 1950s. I was bought by a couple called John & Ruth Howe in the 1950s, this may well have been who you sold me to? John was born in County Clare in Ireland, so every year I would take them from East London to Ireland for 2-3 weeks in the summer. Before ferries had doors in them, this meant me being driven onto a net and put in the hold by a crane. One year I got to fly as they were doing an experiment with taking cars by Bristol Superfreighter transport aircraft. However, the view was rubbish as there were no windows in my part of the aircraft! In 1965, my current owner turned up. Ruth had gone into hospital, John drove me to pick her up and the 3 of them came home! Below is a picture of Pat with me in 1967. Ed’s note: The picture referred to is the second picture in this article. In 1969, Ruth’s mum wanted to visit John’s mum. As you know 4 into me wasn’t going to go, so he bought a 1965 Rover 2000, and I was driven into the garage covered with a sheet, carpet and other detritus and went into hibernation. John promised me to Pat for his driving test, 21st birthday, wedding car etc but none of these happened, despite Pat’s best endeavours. It was only when Pat was in the process of buying an MG SA that John finally relented to allow my rescue from solitary confinement! The rescue mission involved being trailered to the Scottish Highlands where we all now live, lots of people waved during the journey and it was great to be back on the road again. He bought lots of new parts, leads, points, distributor cap, plugs etc. and fitted them. I refused to start! He started removing all the new parts and only after he had replaced all my original parts did I start and ticked over like a Swiss watch. (you have to be firm with these youngsters to show them who’s in charge, don’t you?) He has had my dashboard veneered which although not original, I think it looks classy. I have had all my interior refurbished and he is currently working on my brakes. If he could write he would send his apologies on behalf of us both for not being with you on your big day but I have made him promise to keep in touch with Laura so we can arrange something in the future. So, I hope you have enjoyed my story. I would love to hear from you and exchange some copies of photos. Pat has 2 sets of twins all of which are desperate for me to be back on the road so they can go in me, and with the older twins being 17 this year, I might yet be taking someone through their driving test, not bad for a 69 year old! So enough of me rattling on, this is your big day not mine. Please pass on my regards to everyone, oh and don’t eat too much cake or you won’t fit in me when I come down! Ed’s further note: The following pictures show the front and back of the birthday card that Pat sent David. As can be seen, Pat is making an excellent job of re-furbishing LMM 922 and here’s hoping that it won’t now be too long before his TC hits the road again after all those years in the wilderness. Happy Birthday David 90 Years Young Best Wishes LMM 922 KXM 47 – TC/EXU/9019 This car has been in the same ownership since 1973. Information is being sought regarding any details of owners prior to 1973. The body colour was originally green and as an EXU model it would have been exported. It was built on 20th June 1949 and comes up on a DVLA enquiry as being registered in November 1949. So, did it go out to North America only to come back pretty quickly, or did it go out at all? Any information would be gratefully received by the Editor for passing on to the owner – jj(at)ttypes.org {please substitute @ for (at)}.

ESP 559 – TC0916

Does anybody know if this car, driven by the late Tom Christie, is still around? It does not show up with a DVLA enquiry. jj(at)ttypes.org {please substitute @ for (at)}. EMJ 735 – TC2134 Stuart Steele owned this car in 1966 when he was 18 years old “those were the days!” he reminisces. At the time he recalls that the car was British Racing Green (probably Shires Green) and he paid £140 for it. He also sold it for £ 140! He would like to contact the current owner and talk about the car.

TC2134 went over to the US with its emigrating owner and as the picture below shows, it has been nicely restored.

Stuart can be contacted atsteelebfc(at)gmail.com {please substitute @ for (at)}. HGN 72 – TA3019

HGN 72 featured in the previous issue. Here’s another picture to compare it with the one below.

Here’s how it looks now, having been restored in the US by Tom Metcalf of Safety Fast Restorations.

Dave Furze, who owned the car from 1965 to 1968, spending a year renovating it when he was a teenager, would love to hear from the current owner. Dave can be contacted at davefurze(at)outlook.com {please substitute @ for (at)}.

DOC 21 – TB???

I just love these old photos! This TB may not have survived (I wonder if the pedal car has?). Any leads, please, to jj(at)ttypes.org {please substitute @ for (at)}.

FVB 515 – TC2530

Peter Tipping owned this TC from 1961 – 63 when it was black. The DVLA enquiry facility indicates that this car still exists and is now green. Peter says “being still an MG nut (MGA, MGF, MG3) it would just be nice to see how this particular old lady is doing.” His contact details are:

pntipping(at)yahoo.co.uk {please substitute @ for (at)}.