The Editor

Welcome to Issue 52, February 2019.

I’m starting this editorial on Boxing Day, having decided to get away from all the ‘rubbish’ on television.

The issue of what will become of our cars in years to come crops up from time to time. In the 1960s when they were changing hands on a regular basis I seem to recall that you could buy a very nice TC for 300 GBP. I can certainly remember drooling over Exchange & Mart adverts at the time.

Looking at some inflation statistics recently, I see that 100 GBP in 1963 would be equivalent to purchasing power of just over 2,000 GBP in 2018. So, if you bought a TC all those years ago and still have it, you would be doing rather well. But, it’s not all about money ….or, so I keep telling Mrs J.

Continuing ‘the not all about money’ theme, I don’t think most of today’s youngsters would want to own one of our cars, even if it was bought for them. However, we have to hope that in their more mature years they remember dad’s or mum’s (or grandad’s or grandma’s) MG and decide that they would like to own one. In this way (well, it seems to have been the case up to now) our T-Types pass from one generation to the next.

In the meantime, let’s not worry too much about the future and let’s continue to enjoy driving and tinkering with our cars for as long as we can!

2019 sees the 50th anniversary of the founding of the MG Octagon Car Club and the 80th anniversary of the introduction of the TB. The Octagon will be holding a celebration dinner on Saturday evening 27th April at the Arden Hotel and Leisure Club, Coventry Road, Bickenhill, SOLIHULL B92 0EH. This venue is very close to the NEC and the M6/M42 motorways. If you are a MGOCC member (lots of readers of this publication are) and would like further details, including preferential rates for an overnight stay, please send an e-mail to the office at admin(‘at’)

The Octagon follows up with its Founder’s Weekend in May, which is based at the Oxford Spires Hotel, Abingdon Road, Oxford. The dates are 10th to 13th May and Brian Rainbow can give you all the details. Please contact Brian at brian(at) {please substitute @ for (at)}.

‘MG TB 80’ which celebrates 80 years since the production of all the TB models in 1939 is also being held from 10th to 13th May and runs alongside the Founder’s Weekend. This event is based at The Bird In Hand, a 17th century Cotswold Inn, near Witney. Mike Inglehearn or Jeff Townsend will be pleased to let you have further details jeff.townsend(at) / mingle54(at) {please substitute @ for (at) in each address.

Moving forward to August the TTT 2 Tour of mid-Wales is being held, based at the Metropole Hotel & Spa in Llandrindod Wells.

The dates are 23/24/25 August 2019 with an optional stay on the 26th. 50 rooms have been reserved of which 20 have already been booked. The booking reference is ‘Octagon Car Club’ and a £20 non-refundable deposit per person is payable on booking (Telephone number 01597 823700). The rate for guests staying for 3 nights is £80 per person per night with a 50% reduction for those staying the extra night. There is no single room supplement – up to a minimum of 6 available.

The Classic Outback Trial Tour (10,000 km) run by the Endurance Rally Club of Australia was held from 8th August to 4th September. Dr Peter Zernial and Michele Salvaneschi competed in Peter’s TC. Make time (at least 30 minutes) to watch the video:


Just enough space to feature Chris Bennett’s TF and camper trailer. Pic taken on the trip to the MG National in Tasmania last Easter. Chris did the restoration in 2015/17 and built the camper in 2017. He installed a Ford Sierra T9 5 speed from Hi-Gear and coil over rear shock absorbers. He says that the TF is now a pleasure to drive and can cruise along at 90 kph with the camper in tow. It only weighs about 350kgs.


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