Lost and Found

TA1991 (CTE 506)

This is a repeat of the request in the October issue, but we did not have a picture in October.

Jonny Leitner is seeking information about a TA owned by his father in the late 1940s. The car is shown as “Untaxed” on the DVLA website. The last tax was due on 1st September 2014. jonleitner(at)hotmail.com {please substitute @ for (at)}.

TC3525 (was FSG 507 when in the UK)

Another repeat, now with a pic. Everard Van der Velden in Arnhem, Holland has asked for some help in his search for more history of his TC3525. When the car was in England it had the registration mark FSG 507 and was known to be in Cornwall in the early 1950s. The former Cornish owner claimed that this TC was previously owned by the racing driver, Ron Flockhart, who tuned the engine to stage two, changed the wheels to 16’’ and fitted telescopic shock absorbers. vandervelden47(at)gmail.com {please substitute @ for (at)}.

TA3019 (HGN 72)

Dave Furze has been in touch to ask if his old TA Tickford is still around. Dave owned it from 1965 when he was just 16 and spent a year renovating the car, keeping it until 1968.

The photo above also shows the Tickford with a 1934 Morris 8 open 2-seater owned by his brother, and Dave’s BSA Shooting Star motorcycle.

Dave said that the previous owner (in the London area) had overhauled the engine with new white metal bearings and fitted a replacement hood. Dave stripped the bodywork back to bare metal, replaced some of the ash framework, rust treated and painted the chassis, re-french polished the walnut dashboard, treated the bodywork with “Jenolite” phosphoric acid anti-rust solution, then re-sprayed with 12 coats of primer/primer-filler/undercoat and topcoat in “chariot red”. He remembers stripping one of the rear axle crown wheel teeth on a fast pull out and being unable to find the correct gearwheel, he fitted a new crown wheel for a TC, he thinks.

The car was sold to a fellow student at Southampton University.

I was able to tell Dave that his old Tickford is now in the USA, but at present we are having difficulty in contacting the owner. I’m sure we will get there in the end.

If the owner in the US reads this, please would you get in touch with Dave at davefurze(at)outlook.com

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MG 7383 (TC????)
I’ve received an e-mail from a lady who is trying to trace a TC for an elderly friend of hers, who used to own it. The chassis number is not known, but the registration number was MG 7383, described as “British Racing Green” in colour and probably registered late 1947/early 1948.

Her friend left the car with his mother for safe keeping when he went out to Singapore as a young RAF engineer. Unfortunately, his mother found the car too expensive to run and sold it! It was sold in September 1959 in Portsmouth. The car does not come up on the DVLA enquiry service, but may have gone abroad. The editor will pass on any information received.

TC Registration Number DG-99-FN

John Cockrem in Australia recently discovered that he has a nephew and a great niece in Holland. Through the family connection he came across this photo of a TC, which was taken some 35 years ago. In an e-mail to the editor, John was curious to know if the TC is still around and through the good offices of Frans Sitton, who was contacted by the editor, confirmation was received that the car has been in Holland since 1979. Frans kindly looked up the RDW (Dutch equivalent of the UK DVLA) to find that the latest change of owner was on 25th April 2018 and that the TC is a 1948 model.

If the new owner sees this, John’s e-mail address is jfcockrem(at)gmail.com {substitute @ for (at)}.

TC3010 (CVL 70)

Mike Storey is seeking help in compiling the history of his TC. It was bought new in Lincoln and spent much of its life from early 50s to 60s in Lincolnshire, then went to South Yorkshire.

Purchased in 1985 from the gateman to the Earl of Wharncliffe’s estate, the car has been completely restored. First owner may well have been an RAF serviceman as there were many bases in the county in those days. Any help gratefully received by Mike, who is at michael.storey4(at)ntlworld.com

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