Lost and Found


Patrick Reed in Western Australia is searching for the TD2 he used to own (TD12620 XPAG 13085, now 21246). It was Green with tan trim and has undergone a number of colour changes, including gold in the 1990s and at one time, cream. pnareed(at)gmail.com {substitute @ for (at)}.


Graham Garrity has been looking through various vehicle record archives to establish a link to his original registration number, which he thinks might have been EDT 774. Graham bought TC3449 from a solicitor named Peter Edwards in Doncaster. Records show that a TC with the registration number EDT 774 was supplied to a local garage called Kennings and sold to the first owner, a Mr R S Hepworth. Unfortunately, there is no record to show that EDT 774 was in fact TC3449. ggarrity59(at)outlook.com {substitute @ for (at)}.

TC10183 (GFY 464)

The following may be of interest to the current owner of GFY 464.

A previous owner (Gary Hardware) bought the car when he was 19 for £165 in 1960. He kept the car for 4 years and said it was the best car he ever owned. He sold it in 1964 and bought a new Mini for about £550. The TC went to auction and sold for just over £100.

TC7153 (FAY 475)

TC7153 was originally registered 20 December 1948. It was registered to William John Ford in 1966 and then to Michael John Howard in 1967. In 1968 It was sold to Gary Schonwald who brought the TC to the States. In 1972 Schonwald sold it to Jerry Goguen, owner of Abingdon Spares at the time. Elliot Grover bought the TC from Jerry in 2000. He would like to fill in the blanks of ownership and learn of any history of this wonderful automobile. Perhaps readers can help?

tcelliot(at)gmail.com {Please substitute @ for (at)}

TA Registration Number DOG 474

Terry Ling in Western Australia is enquiring about his TA (chassis number unknown). It disappeared, early 1970s, from a private household garage in Earlsdon, Coventry where Terry had it stored. It was not particularly roadworthy and had no running boards. terryling813(at)hotmail.com


David Hughes has found an original Instruction manual for the MG Midget Series T. It has the original MG Guarantee and early service history for chassis number TA1350. mifyer(at)aol.com