Bits & Pieces

Gary Wall in New Zealand has asked me to publish a correction to his article in the April issue which described the fitting of an XPAW to a TA. On reading the published article he noticed that he had made an error regarding the re-location of the dipstick. It should of course be moved to the nearside of the engine. Apologies!

Gary has also e-mailed a picture of his steering box bracket modification (used in fitting the XPAW to his TA). It simply consists of two flat uprights bolted to the off side of the two original mounting uprights. This moved the steering box up, forward and to the right. The track rods still cleared the YB sump. Note the lovely peacock blue colour of the car.

Wiring Diagrams for TA/TB/TC (early/late) TD & TF.

A3 laminated copies are available from the editor. They measure 42cm x 30 cm (16.5 inches x 12 inches) approximately. Cost, including UK postage is £6. They can be sent overseas for a little more. Contact me at jj(at) {please substitute @ for (at)}.

Drive safely!