Lost and Found

TC4875 (LXR 50)

Not strictly a ‘Lost & Found’ item, but owner, Steve Sabine knows its history from new and gives details of useful websites of which some of you may not be aware. Over to Steve…….

“I acquired this TC in 1972. It was built late February 1948, but it was not registered until 1951. I’m lucky to have all the original old-style log books which show it was exported new to South Africa in 1948 but did not have the Customs stamps for its return. London County Council taxation department sent the log book back to Southampton docks to be correctly stamped.

The car spent its early life mostly in London SW3 at some ‘posh’ addresses; to export and return and run a car like this in post-war Britain, it obviously had some privileged owners including Alfred Marks Bureau in Soho W1.

The registration system must have been vastly different in the 50s before cherished numbers had a value. Many of you may have read the excellent book by Graham Robson, The T-Series MGs a Collector’s Guide. On page 99 there is a publicity shot of a 1962 MGA with the registration LXR 4 some 11years after LXR 50 was issued, was this number owned by the MG Car Company?

County Council Issued number plates.

Typically, the last two letters of the number indicated the issuing Council, a guide used to be found in the back of the Observers Book of Automobiles, those were the days!

You can now find them on this link with some added history as well for pre-1973 plates


Just left click on the blue highlighted two letters of your registration number.


This link has lots of useful information regarding classic cars.

Many of you will have heard of the Kithead Trust which has many early vehicle registration details as well http://kitheadtrust.org.uk/ The Trust has a location list and also the County Council office addresses which may have some remaining records.”

TC4780 (KFF 420)

Owner, Helen Lobb-Jones is trying to trace the history of her car. It was bought by her father in Germiston, South Africa in 1973 and restored by him over a three-year period. When her parents decided to return to the UK in 1976 the car came with them.

From documents she has acquired, Helen has details of the car’s owners dating back to 1965 – these are as follows:

  1. dated 27.04.1970 Form 1&3 Transvaal Province Application for Registration of motor vehicle. Name on this form is Andries Lourens Marais who acquired the TC in 1965.

2. 10.05.1971 car was acquired by Hermanus Louis de Villiers who was the chief safety officer at Kinross Mines Ltd. There were other dates noted within this document something happened on 21.08.1970 when A L Marais owed the TC but the document is in Afrikaans.

3. 23.06.1971 Mr I.D.Oberholzer of Germiston sold the TC for R450.00 to Mr H J E Maritz of R T Panelbeaters.

4. 08.03.1973 her father M W Lobb purchased the TC for R1200.00 in Germiston.

Encouraged by the success of Roger Bateman in tracing his car’s history, which had been exported from new to South Africa (story told in the previous issue), Helen has recently redoubled her efforts and has been busy sending e-mails to South Africa over the last few weeks. Nothing concrete has turned up so far, but she has been told that TC4786 is alive and well in South Africa, having been exported there from new.

It seems likely that TC4780 would have been exported to South Africa shortly after its build date in February 1948, so all hopes are pinned on any further information that might be forthcoming from that country.

TD/C29792 (TPH 383) and TC 3867 (JNA 362)

Barry Lomas owns TD/C29792 (TPH 383) and used to own TC 3867 (JNA 362).

The TD MKII is the last but one Home market model and Barry says that as it has the necessary fittings for rallying in the 50s and 60s, he wondered if anyone remembered it.

The TC used to be raced by Barry in the 1970s and he has photos of it in competition then. If the current owner is interested and contacts him he’d be glad to supply copies.

lomasbarry(at)hotmail.com (please substitute @ for [at}]).

TC0552 (DBL 54)

Terry Midwood has owned his TC since 1965. Being an early car, it would have been painted black, but it was clipper blue when Terry purchased it. Terry would be interested to learn of any pre-1965 history of his TC.

Any leads via the editor, please.

TA 1581(EBH 151)

Tony Bremner-Milne owns this very smart looking TA with original engine (MPJG 1872) registered on 19th July 1937. No known history or previous owners prior to Tony’s ownership, so he’d be really pleased if anybody out there can supply any information to help.

bremner_milne(at)btinternet.com {please substitute @ for (at)} Also, please note that there is an underscore between bremner and milne.

TC2689 (HTD 169) – ex Lancashire Police

Brian Kelly from the US sent me this very fine photo of TC2689. Brian wondered if the car is still about. It comes up on a DVLA enquiry search as “Not taxed for road use”. From enquiries I have made it seems that this TC only exists as a log book, albeit it must be on a V5C, so unless anybody knows something to the contrary, the car is RIP.

Just to round of this section, here’s an aerial photo of 50 TFs at a meet at the Werribee Mansion, Victoria, Australia. (Thanks to David Padgett for the correction)