Lost and Found

Not much space this time, but just enough to ask about one of two cars owned by Steve Sabine. The other, a TC, will feature in the next issue, along with a couple of others that regrettably did not make it. Steve’s enquiry follows…..

MG TA EXN 422 was first registered in London on 12th April 1938, luckily surviving the blitz; I then have a 30-year gap of old style log books until 1968 when Terence Keith Enion registered the car in Mapperley, Nottinghamshire, does anyone know of its whereabouts in that time?

The next owner raced the car in the 1970s and fitted it with a front mounted supercharger. In normally aspirated form I acquired the TA in 1993 with the registration CSV 291 a Kinross County Council number. The new V5 showed that the previous owner had acquired the car in 1938, which clearly was a mistake so it pays to check the details.

Two pics of EXN 422 (as CSV 291) being raced by Roger Shadbolt.

With the centralisation of the vehicle registration system, the original registration number (EXN 422) was allowed to lapse, hence the change to CSV 291. However, thanks to some old MOT certificates, I managed to reclaim the original number. As part of this process, DVLA Chelmsford office wanted to see the car, as according to their records, it was owned by someone in Surrey! It would appear that CSV 291 may have been issued to two cars! Fortunately, a visit by an inspector checking old style tax discs, supporting records and the chassis number (TA2263) confirmed my ownership.

Ed’s note: Just to be clear – old MOT certificates used to be accepted by DVLA as evidence in reclaimed registration cases – not any more!