Derry Dickson’s ‘Miranda’ (TC5405)

Derry has owned T-Types (TA2243, MPJG 2494) since 1950, so during the last 70 years he has learnt a thing or two about them!

His first car was a rusty wreck of a TA, which he had to ‘make do and mend’ to keep it on the road. Money was in short supply in those days when we were emerging from post-war rationing, and technical assistance, to which we are accustomed these days was virtually non-existent.

Ten years later he wanted to go faster, so he fitted a new XPEG (F3282 which was the last one available from Abingdon) to his TA2494, and uprated the handling and braking accordingly. This car did over 250,000 miles, which included trips to Naples and the south of France in the 1960s.

Fast forward to 1983 when he bought ‘Miranda’. Since then he has lavished care on the car with lots of uprating, and sensible modifications, always maintaining the car himself.

However, having just celebrated his 91st birthday, he told me that he is finding it “a bit difficult” crawling about underneath the car for servicing. So, he’s pondering whether it is time to pass ‘Miranda’ on to a new owner. He hasn’t definitely made up his mind yet and doesn’t want to part company, but the head may rule the heart.

History: TC5405 was exported new to Kenya on 8th June 1946 and imported back to the UK in 1960. It had had three owners before Derry bought it in 1983. The car was in a sorry state and required a total rebuild as it had been stored in a damp barn for several years.

Derry didn’t start the restoration until 1988 as he had been abroad, but since finishing it in 2000, ‘Miranda’ has been on her best behaviour. Some 40,000 totally reliable miles have been covered in the car since March 2000. This is due, in no small part, to Derry’s fastidious maintenance schedule with always one eye on keeping the car safe for modern road conditions.


All rubber parts replaced
Dynamo, Starter, Distributer overhauled by Lucas Agent
New wiring loom
Chassis blasted and Primed
Painted Rover Nightfire Red
Chrome – all parts rechromed
2x fuel lines with an S U pump on each
“Bluemels” steering wheel
Woodhead Monroe telescopic front shock absorbers
Water temperature gauge
Spares compartmentalised tray over back axle – holds a lot!
Fire extinguishers x 2
37/8 differential gearing (Furneaux)
Original Jaeger instruments – black dials, restored by Vintage Instruments
Walnut veneer dashboard
S/S exhaust system with “Fish-tail” end-piece
1350 cc engine rebuild – “Performance Package” Edney – car has original engine XPAG 6152
Oil filter assembly (Moss)
Alfin front brake drums – Bob Grunau
N/S wing mirror
Etcetera, etcetera!

Maintenance and Modifications since 2000

Twin pan air filters Apr’14
Hydraulic brake-light switch Mar’17
Original clock – digitally modified Jun’17
Bishops modified steering box Jan’02
New steel drop-arm May’03
S/S luggage rack – incorporates eye-level LED strip light Jan 17
New Mohair tonneau, hood & side- screens Dec’14
Amber indicator lights front and rear – LEDs Jan’17
Front side lights – LED’s Jan’17
Brake lights – LED’s Jan’17
Engine bottom end work: Mike Rolls: – included: Crankshaft, with rear oil seal – new from B&G May 2011
Dimmer switch for panel lights Jan’02
Windscreen washer Mar’04
2 L/S front brakes (T D) Nov ‘04~
New stub axles – Furneaux Jan’13
New half shafts with oil seal Furneaux   Jan’13
Roller bearings front hubs – Furneaux Jan’13
Windscreen Washer (electric) Jan’02
Locking petrol tank cap Apr’08
Carburettor heat shield Jun’09
Gearbox rebuilt Jun’18
Bronze master cylinder Sep’05
Rear springs tempered – Brost Feb’06

There are over 300 receipts, covering all work and parts since 1983! the car has always been MOT’d.

3 thoughts on “Derry Dickson’s ‘Miranda’ (TC5405)

  1. Rich says:

    Keep it, you’ll regret letting it go as you have incorporated many items into it to meet your specific desires. I gave mine up years ago (had several) and found I missed the T series too much. After about 40 years, I decided I had to have another one b4 leaving this green earth so I obtained a ’55 TF 1500 which was in need of a complete rebuild. Unfortunately, what I was able to do at my age back then I’m finding is much more difficult at my 82 years of age. But, I love the car, it’s progress is doing well mostly due to others, and if I can only sit in it I’ll hold on to it as long as possible. You’ll miss it like a good pet.

  2. Maureen Raw says:

    Just seen this beautiful car, owned by a magic man Derry. Happy birthday
    Hope you still well. Maureen from Norway

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