Bits and Pieces

Clock repair services Just like the proverbial London bus, two come along at once!

1. The following was received from TF owner, David Hill:

“I would like to recommend a supplier that has given me excellent service and I believe should be in your list of suppliers. Indeed you could include an article on this service in TT2 if so inclined. Needless to say I have connection with this business other than as a satisfied customer. A friend of mine was looking for a repair to the clock in his XK140, in addition the clock in my TF was not working. He had got quotes for repair from various sources and the cost was extortionate and the time required lengthy. We cast around for another repairer and found ‘CLOCKS4CLASSICS’. After exchanging email messages, I sent them both clocks. My TF clock had no hands and did not run. I am delighted to say that both have been repaired in a week at acceptable cost. He even provided two hands for mine; they fitted perfectly, at no extra cost. The repair that is made is unusual but works perfectly. Rather than try to explain it, please see”

Ed’s note: The company offers a fixed price overhaul, or if you want to do it yourself they can provide a DIY kit with full instructions.

I have added ‘CLOCKS4CLASSICS’ to the Suppliers List.

2. YT (and past TA) owner, Jerry Birkbeck came up with the following:

“I have found a very useful contact in Redditch who repairs/rebuilds and restores chronometric instruments like ours, as well as oil pressure, water temperature gauges etc. He can also fabricate new faces with the correct type face and colour, bezels and glass. I used him to repair my Speedo on the YT.

His name is Richard Jenkins of C and V Instruments and his address is

B98 0HU

E-MAIL: woodykeys67 ‘at’ msn dot com
Phone: 07747357044

His turn around time was just under a fortnight and his charge was £90. Very helpful and a really good contact in a shrinking world of specialists in this field.”

Ed’s note: I have added C and V Instruments to the Suppliers List. I ‘googled’ to see if they have a website, but nothing came up.

The MG Octagon Car Club Spares Service

The MG Octagon Car Club provides a comprehensive spares service for the T-Series models and for the Y models. The spares lists can be downloaded here.

A couple of items which I have been asked for and about which I was unaware are as follows:

Dashboard transfers are in stock in black or white at £14.40 a set for members and £15.84 for non Members.

‘Wind wings’ for T-Types are in stock at £70 for members and £77 for non-members. The ‘landscape’ picture below shows one. It is, of course fitted the other way up with the slotted brackets fitting over the flat edge of the windshield side rails with the knurled knobs uppermost and toward the inside of the car.

How E10 Petrol ruined a lawn mower

John Murray e-mailed me from France, where he spends most of his time, with a cautionary tale about the harmful effects of E10-95 RON petrol.

A friend of his bought a brand new lawnmower just over 12 months ago and by accident he used E10-95 RON petrol in it. Shortly after buying the mower he had to return to England due to a medical problem in the family and was unable to get back to France for nearly 12 months.

For all this time the lawn mower remained dormant in his workshop.

Attempts to start it up on his return proved fruitless, so he asked John’s neighbour – a fully trained mechanic – to have a look at it. When the fuel system, filters and carburettor were stripped out the owner got a nasty shock. The cadmium plating on the metal parts had dissolved! So too the in line fuel filter rubber seals, diaphragm and carburettor seals. The corrosion inside the carb had to be seen to be believed.

The moral of this unfortunate tale is don’t leave this type of fuel in the tank (in this particular case it was probably unavoidable) but better still, use a premium grade fuel. I swear by BP Ultimate.

Running Board Tread Strip

I’ve been busy making the tread strips for the running boards on my swept wing J2. I sourced the aluminium channel and rubber infill strips from C.O.H. Baines in Tunbridge Wells. This link takes you to the 19mm channel which is suitable for the TC.

Local Suppliers/Services in Mid-Cornwall

Some recommendations from Graham Murrell:

Fuel Tank Weld Repairs

Graham used Newquay Radiators at Units 3A & 3B, Roche Ind. Estate, St. Austell Cornwall, PL26 8Ql. They flushed the tank out, welded the foot area of his tank and carried out a pressure test all for £115.18 inc VAT. A price he did not consider to be too expensive.

Paint – Sequoia Cream Cellulose

Graham has found JCA Coatings Ltd, P-Bugle, Unit 1A Rosvear Road Industrial Estate, Bugle, St. Austell, Cornwall, PL26 8PJ extremely helpful in offering to mix this paint, the colour being based on the old paint code of YL 5. He will feedback the results in due course.

Hoods (not in Cornwall)

Coming up to a year ago Don Hoods (Birmingham) fitted a new Mohair hood to Graham’s Rover 216 Convertible. They fitted the hood over 2 days. The car stands out in all weathers and has not let in a drop of water to date, there is minimal wind noise and the finish is superb. The cost was a total of £660.00 as quoted, which included some remedial work on the fitting, involving welding.

Don Hoods can supply and fit T-Type hoods in a variety of materials and based on Graham’s experience he would well recommend them.