Bits and Pieces

Not much room for this item I’m afraid.

Polyurethane Shackle Bushes for TC/TD/TF

These are still selling well and I have just received another 200. Full details were in the April TTT 2.

There is some progress with the large bush for the rear of the TC and I now have a part number – SF0145 – I will continue to nag the supplier and will contact those of you who have expressed interest as soon as I have some more news.

Polyurethane Spring Seating Pads for TD/TF

These are now in stock and priced at £12 for the set of four (4) plus postage at cost. This price is actually less than a major supplier charges for rubber spring seating pads and significantly less than the price charged for the polyurethane alternative. jj(at)

Lower Front Suspension (wishbone) polyurethane bushes for TD/TF

These are in stock and consist of eight (8) polyurethane bushes and four (4) stainless steel tubes complete with assembly grease. They are priced at £19.50 for the set plus postage. jj(at)

New Leaf Springs

In the April Issue interest was canvassed for TA/TB and TC leaf springs front and rear and TD and TF rear leaf springs. We have nearly enough orders for the TC rears (could do with one more) and are three short for the TC fronts.

I have decided to go ahead with the TC rears at a price of £100 plus VAT plus carriage. These springs will be made in England from EN45 (a silicon-managanese-carbon alloy steel). You might be able to buy cheaper but please ask yourself “Where are they made, what’s the spec and are they going to flatten soon after they are fitted?”

I have e-mailed those of you who expressed an interest to firm up this interest into a definite order and the springs can then be made. If anybody else wishes to come ‘on board’ please let me know by the end of May jj(at) The contract will be between you and the supplier.

Regrettably there is currently not enough interest in springs for the other models but the TC fronts might be progressed if there are a couple more orders. As a rough guide we could be looking at a bushed spring (SAE 660 bushing material) at a price of around £115 plus VAT plus carriage.


These cleverly designed drip trays are offered for sale by David Pelham dapelham(at) substitute @ for (at). They bolt directly to the bottom three holes on the bellhousing and catch the oil (capacity 250ml). The drip tray has a drain plug with copper washer to enable emptying whilst in situ. The trays fit all XPAG engines – TB, TC, TD, YA, YB, YT etc. They weigh approx. 225gm and can be painted to match the sump. They will also fit a 5-speed conversion.

Priced at £40 plus post and packing.

2 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces

  1. Julian White says:

    MG TC front road springs and the small bushes on the rears will take MGB rear spring poly bushes. If you think of them as ‘Top Hats’ then the crown is too tall and the brim is a little too thick, but a hacksaw and a bench grinder is all you need to make them fit. They are quite soft and grind down quickly so take it steady.
    The only problem I found was the colour; Purple!
    Definitely worth doing, the extra stiffens made no difference my bum could detect, but it sharpened up the handling. If you want really sharp steering response fit 4.50X19 Blockley tyres, do pump to standard pressures 24/26psi.
    Julian TC4386

  2. JOHN JAMES says:

    I don’t know how much Julian paid for the MGB rear spring poly bushes but my polyurethane bushes are correct (exactly as the original Harris Flex bushes), they need no modification to make them fit and sell for £2.35 each plus a 50p donation to the ‘Totally T-Type 2’ ‘hard’ copy fund. Part number 0073 fits the rear ‘eyes’ of the front and rear springs on the TC (eight required) and part number 0074 fits the front chassis tube on the TC (four required) and the rear suspension on the TD/TF (eight required). They are black in colour and come with assembly lubricant. i have just approved the proto-type for the large bush at the rear of the TC (four required) and hope to have an initial supply of 100 within the next month. JOHN JAMES

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