Front Cover: TD5044 EXR

The history of TD5044 EXR is fairly brief. The production record tells us that the car was completed on 18th December, 1950 and fitted with engine number XPAG/TD/5362. Thirty two TDs were produced by Abingdon on that day, all of them destined for export. In fact, over the next four days, a further one hundred and five TDs were produced (all for export) before the Factory closed down for the Christmas festivities, (albeit times were austere), on 22nd December.

Earliest known ownership was with Klaus Freyinger in Zurich, Switzerland in 1962. The car later passed into the ownership of John Todd from California who was an American GI based in Germany. At that time the TD was painted BRG over black and reupholstered with red plastic seats……ugh!!!!

In May, 1969 the car was imported from Germany and registered as WUC 316G. An age related number plate, ASV 535, was obtained later.

The owner then, as now, (Sylvie Sillince) already owned a 1953 TD (JCA 948) and was planning a trip down to the Balearics that summer. As TD5044 appeared to be in better mechanical condition the ‘old’ TD was left at home and the ‘new’ one taken instead.

The car had a chassis up rebuild in 1994 and an engine rebuild in 2001. It is fitted with a kph speedometer which makes for interesting decisions when the car is used for ‘T’ Register Autumn Tours and the route directions are in miles!

Sylvie used to own a red TC circa 1965, which was an18th birthday present. The registration number was KTJ 45 and the car was affectionately known as “Katiejane”. Her father was a mechanic, specialising in the Alvis marque and had a garage in Lancaster Mews, London. He reckoned that as a student nurse, driving an Alvis around London was just not on! They were too heavy and too expensive to run! However, “Katiejane” was not that reliable so a replacement MG TD (JCA 948) was purchased for her in about 1966. JCA is alive and well and Sylvie has been in contact with the current owner, exchanging photos. Unfortunately, “Katiejane” may not have survived and is more likely to be in MG heaven!

TD5044 at home on the lawn in Gloucestershire having just been cleaned prior to an appearance at a local charity event.

As a tailpiece, Sylvie recalls taking TD5044 through France in the hot summer of 1969, accompanied by a girlfriend. She takes up the story……

We found ourselves being followed by two English lads in a TD. Of course, they wanted to look under the bonnet, they found petrol dripping on to the exhaust manifold, tightened things up and we both went on our way! It was the only hitch in the 3 months we were away!