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Transil kits for SU petrol pump

I have supplied over 100 of these kits in the last couple of months. I still have a few left and can post to any destination. Current price is £3.50 UK and £4.00 elsewhere. These prices will hold good until 2nd April when postage rates are going up by at least 20%. If you require a kit please e-mail me at jj(at) – substitute @ for (at) – and I will send you a PayPal invoice.

Polyurethane Shackle Bushes for TC/TD/TF

This has been a most worthwhile project. Over the last three months I have been supplied with 622 of these bushes (311 of the 3⁄4” and 311 of the 5/8”) and have sold 568 at the time of writing, leaving 54 in stock. I’ve just put an order in to top up with another 178 bushes, which makes the total order 800.

Just to re-cap, the 3⁄4” bushes (Part number 0074) fit the rear shackle pins on the TD/TF and YA/YB/YT) – eight (8) required per car. They also fit the front chassis tube on the TC – four (4) required per car. The 5/8” bushes (Part number 073) fit the rear ‘eyes’ of the front and rear leaf springs on the TC. Eight (8) of these are required for the TC.

The bush sets are supplied with sachets of special assembly lubricant and come well packed in a little box. As the bushes are light, postal charges are fairly moderate with typical costs being £2.00 (UK) and less than £3.00 elsewhere. However, postal charges are increasing by at least 20% on 2nd April.

As I own the moulds for these bushes and order in bulk, I get a substantial discount, which I pass on to TTT 2 readers. The cost per bush is £2.35 (which is exactly what they cost me, having amortised the cost of the two moulds over 600 bushes). In addition I ask for a contribution to TTT 2 funds of 50p per bush, which makes the effective asking price of £2.85 per bush. Putting this price into context, the cost per bush from a major supplier is £8.35 and what is on offer is a “uni-fit” bush with the bushes for the front and rear leaf springs on the TC having to be trimmed to fit.

To order, please send an e-mail to John James at jj(at) – substitute @ for (at) – and I will send you a PayPal invoice. Alternatively, UK orders can be paid for by cheque and sent to 85, Bath Road, Keynsham, BRISTOL BS31 1SR.

I remarked at the start of this news item that this has been a worthwhile project; it has been worthwhile to me personally as I have had the satisfaction of supplying a quality product about which I have had positive feedback; it has been worthwhile to the purchasers in terms of quality and cost and it has been worthwhile as a revenue earner for TTT 2 as current donation income from the project is just over £450.

Polyurethane Shackle Bush (Large Bush) for TC

My supplier was asked to make a mould for this large bush several months ago, but it has yet to surface. Now that he has fulfilled the bulk of the order for the smaller shackle bushes (see previous item) I shall be leaning on him to produce the goods. This item, described as “Bush Lower Large” – part number 280-615 in the MOSS Europe catalogue retails commercially at £11.20. I would hope to at least halve this price (and supply special assembly lubricant at no extra cost). Hopefully I should have an update for the next issue.

Leaf Springs for TA/TB/TC/TD/TF

I see that a group of owners in the Y community have joined together to consolidate an order for a small batch of rear leaf springs for the YA/YB/YT. The cost of these BRITISH MADE FROM PROPER MATERIAL springs is £100 plus VAT plus carriage, a useful saving (up to 50%) on commercially available springs.

The arrangement is that the springs are ordered in bulk but that each individual owner is responsible for paying for his/her set of springs.

I wondered if there would be sufficient interest to consolidate an order for TA/B/C front and rears and TD/TF rears? I would be prepared to pass a bulk order on to the supplier.

If you are interested please contact John James at the e-mail address previously given.

Phosphor Bronze Trunnions for TA/TB

Would there be sufficient interest if I were to arrange a batch of these trunnions? They would be supplied with the slot to suit the after-market main leaf thickness (1/4”).

New MG TD & TF, steering racks

The following has been brought to my attention:

“Like so many other owners of classics you may have experienced problems with old or broken steering racks. Over the years the unavailability of new steering racks for the TD and TF has seen prices rise for second hand and reconditioned units. Now there is an alternative, Moss have exclusively remanufactured new steering racks for both LHD & RHD TD and TF models. Retail Price £212.46 (ex VAT) | Retail Price £254.95 (inc VAT)”

And finally… a reminder that I have cylinder head gasket sets for the XPAG (round hole or banana) at £52.50 and bottom end gasket sets at £24 plus postage. Both these sets are offered at cost price, but included in the asking price is a small donation to the TTT 2 ‘hard’ copy fund.

Dr. Peter Simpson pictured with his TF1500 in the UK in 1964 and in the US with the same car with his grandson 48 years later. Dr. Simpson took the car with him when he moved to California in the mid 1960s and brought it back to the UK last year when he sold it to Ken Wilbraham, who was looking for an original example. The car is chassis number HDA16/8909 and had only one previous owner to Dr. Simpson.



Every year the quality of restorations on the NEW ENGLAND MG “T” REGISTER Member cars have gotten better and better. Register Members have achieved a level of perfection with restorations that would be the envy of any car group, anywhere.

Enthusiasts have come to expect very well-restored T-Series & Pre-War MGs at GOFs, and they have not been disappointed. The bar has been set high, and this standard has consistently met or exceeded that benchmark of quality restoration, year after year.

Now, The New England MG “T” Register is pleased to announce “THE SURVIVOR CHALLENGE.” This is a competition to find the most original, untouched, as-it-left-the-factory T-Type. Any replaced parts, alterations, repairs, or bodywork to the car would make that car less of a contender. Ideally, the car will have the original engine, chassis, and body, and as much documentation as possible. Extra consideration will be given for documentation such as warranty cards, dealer paperwork, original owner’s handbooks, tools, tires, etc.

This competition will be kicked off with the Pre- War/TC competition at the Fall 2012 GOF in New Jersey. The TD competition will be at the following Spring 2013 GOF, and the TF competition will be at the Fall 2013 GOF. The final competition for “the best of the best” will conclude at the Spring 2014 GOF which will coincide with the grand 50th Anniversary celebration of the formation of The New England MG “T” Register.

All Register Members are welcome to participate in this competition. Judging will be by popular choice, and all registered GOF participants will be eligible to vote.

We know the cars are out there. We all know somebody who knows somebody who has an all original car; a car that, for whatever reason, was either parked early in its life, or was very well- maintained and still has the original paint, the original interior, the original top, and often, even the original tires.

So, the challenge is on! Please help The Register look for that rare “barn find,” dust off that car, and bring it to the competition. Spread the word–The Register is looking for “The Best Survivor!”

Please see our WEB site at: t&view=article&id=282:survivor- challenge&catid=55:survivor-challenge

One thought on “Bits and Pieces

  1. Cliff says:

    Fitted one of the new racks to a TD last week, made in Argentina would you believe!

    It went on ok but points worth noting are we found the rack very tight in operation on the bench and had to make slight adjustments.

    Also we had to grind off some of the metal of the rack body to allow it to fit without rubbing the chassis cross-member. We also removed the little rubber seal on the pinion shaft as this also fouled the cross-member. In doing so we discovered that the casting of the rack is aluminium so hopefully it is up to the job. Also worth noting is that the main tube is steel, nothing like the original all-cast construction, again hopefully it is up to the job.

    The rack comes pre-greased, don’t be tempted (as we were) to add a bit of oil, there seems to be a bit of a vacuum in the unit and the gaiters deformed very badly during operation, they’re a slightly different pattern to the originals which expand and collapse without any problems.
    We also fitted the original cast spider as it is a better casting.

    It’s working beautifully on the car with the wheels in the air, just have to road test but all should be well.

    I would say a reconditioned original is preferable if you can get your hands on one.

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