The Editor

It is fitting that a TA should grace the front cover of the June 2016 issue. Eighty years ago (June 1936) the first batch of TAs rolled off the production line in Abingdon*. On 25th June 1936 ten cars (chassis numbers TA0253 to TA0262) were built and by 29th June University Motors had a demonstrator.

Jarvis of Wimbledon had also managed to acquire one for their Showrooms in Victoria Crescent London SW19.

*Clausager lists TA0251 and TA0252 as prototypes; their build dates were 3rd March and 3rd April 1936 respectively.

The car on the front cover is Mick Pay’s ‘Primrose’, chassis number TA2073. In the background is Chillenden windmill, a Grade II listed open trestle post mill situated north of Chillenden (near Canterbury), Kent, England. It is the last post mill built in Kent.

Life has been more hectic than usual of late. A contributory factor is the appearance of Windows 10 on my computer; it is driving me to distraction. I’m afraid that you can’t teach this old dog new tricks (he doesn’t want to know about them!). All these ‘bells and whistles’ are superfluous as far as I’m concerned and get in the way of doing my job; End of moan!

Pictured above is the rally plaque for the Tour of the Forest of Dean and Wye Valley later this year. The photograph (which I know will be quite small in the printed version) is of the Horseshoe Bend of the river Wye, taken from high up on Yat Rock. This will be one of our stopping places on the Tour and if you haven’t been there before, the view from the observation point is quite breathtaking.

Whilst we are on the subject of Tours, next year’s is based on the Chichester Park Hotel, West Sussex. The Tour organisers are Vanessa and Peter Cole who have reserved 50 of the hotel’s 81 rooms. Booking details are as follows:

Telephone number of the hotel is 01243 817434. Booking reference is GA000367. The hotel will ask for your credit card details to confirm the booking, but nothing will be deducted until your arrival. An acknowledgement of booking will be e-mailed which includes the hotel’s cancellation policy.

When you have booked, Peter would appreciate an e-mail advice from you to let him know that you have booked. Peter’s e-mail address is as follows: pcoleuk(at) {substitute @ for (at)}.

For some time now Steve (Webmaster and all things technical) and me (Editor) have been contemplating how we should take the website and the TTT 2 magazine forward. From a zero base in 2010 we have grown the circulation of TTT 2 to over 4,000 ‘subscribers’ worldwide (copy below of recent advice from our commercial e-mail forwarder).

The campaign Issue 35 Newsletter has been sent to 4,064 recipients, with the subject of ‘Totally T-Type 2 Issue 35 Published’

A recent feature on the TA in Classic Car Weekly listed all the UK MG Clubs at the end of the article but TTT 2 did not get a mention – probably because it does not have a discernible identity. We believe that we should be up there on equal terms with the other Clubs because we are constantly told that our services are valued and we have the largest on-line T-Type magazine circulation in the world. We have therefore decided that we will apply to Companies House to be incorporated as a Company Limited by Guarantee and be known as The MG ‘T’ Society Limited. There is some work to be done in submitting the necessary forms and then there is a much larger task of asking members to register and agree to act as guarantors by giving an undertaking to contribute a nominal amount (1 GBP) in the event of the winding up of the company.

Finally, subscribers to the printed copy of TTT 2 will receive a subscription renewal letter with this issue. The cost for six issues is 15 GBP (UK), 25 GBP (EU), 30 GBP (Rest of World). Apologies for the high non-UK subs due to high postal charges.

I would welcome more printed copy subscribers.



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