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Well, not really Lost and Found, but certainly lost as a complete car. It is (was) TC4526, a CKD car assembled in Ireland. Unfortunately, the garage that the car was in caught fire, caused by a faulty battery conditioner. It destroyed 4 cars and a horse van.

Thanks go to Stewart Penfound for drawing this to my attention and for sending a couple of pictures and to Steve Baker, who sent this picture.

TA2836 (JRE 932) – an automatic TA

This car was featured in Issue 33. The car had been converted to automatic transmission using a Morris Marina engine and gearbox. The conversion was done by Andy Schultz of Cuerden Classics in Preston for an owner who had suffered a leg amputation. This enabled the owner to continue to enjoy driving his car for a short while, but unfortunately, he died soon after and the car was sold by Andy, along with a TA engine and gearbox. Andy did not keep the details of the new owner; all that he can remember is that the car went to a new owner in the south of England.

I’d be grateful if the present owner would get in touch with me as we have a potential buyer for the Marina drivetrain if she/he wants to sell it.

jj(at)ttypes.org [substitute @ for (at)].

TA registration number DKT 634

Kevin Morrison in Cyprus, who is well on with the restoration of his TC, finds it hard to believe that he used his TA on a daily basis 50 years ago, doing many thousands of miles in her, even driving up to London in the early ‘70s.  He’s just discovered that it was an ex-Kent police car and he thinks it still exists, having been exported to Germany in the late 1980s.

It would be nice if the present owner could get in touch with me jj(at)ttypes.org [substitute @ for (at)].

1949 TC7891(HAA 308)

Mention was made of this car in the last issue. Liz Moore, daughter of a former owner has now sent me a photo and has written some notes entitled “Looking for HAA 308”

“My father owned this MG TC in the late 1950s and early ‘60s. According to family legend, it was his first car; that must have been a worry for my grandmother as he was still a young driver. HAA 308 was first registered in 1949, body colour British racing green, which Dad loved. Unfortunately, that was never an option for a family car in the 70s, when Dad had to ferry 4 small kids around!

Sadly, my father died young in 1990. Recently, I “inherited” several boxes of family photos and documents. During lockdown, I have had time to sort through everything, and found a good picture of Dad with his beloved MG (on left in the photo). This photo is from the Wiltshire Times newspaper; it must have been a car rally, but I cannot be sure of the date. The gentleman in the middle was my father’s best friend at the time, with his girlfriend sitting on the bonnet of his own MG TC. (I cannot imagine my father allowing any girl to sit on the bonnet like that!) Curious about the car, I searched DVLA and found that HAA 308 is still taxed and on the road somewhere in the UK.

I would love to get in touch with the current owner and learn more about this car. My siblings have other photos, I am planning to get these digitized. I can be contacted on haa308(at)outlook.com

TA0943 (DDH 900)

Cathelijne Spoelstra would like to contact the present owner as she thinks that there may have been a Dutch connection in the past. If you can help, please get in touch with Cat at info(at)mgworkshop.nl

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  1. Terry Sanders says:

    john, here is a couple of lost;
    TD15807 I part won this in a poker game in 1957 while at LSU It had collapsed piston and smoked badly. I didn’t care I had a car.
    TC5007 I bought for $400 in 1962 while working in Pittsburgh,

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