Lost & Found

BKV 67 (TA0346)

In looking through some old photos, Bob Lyell came across this period one of BKV 67. Bob would have taken it at Oulton Park in the early 1970s when he owned a TC (more about this in the next item).

The car is on the T-Database and is on the road.

Bob would be pleased to forward the original photo to the current owner, if s/he cares to get in touch with the Editor at jj(at)ttypes.org {Please substitute @ for (at)}.

FBT 113 (TC30??)

This is the TC that Bob Lyell owned in the late 1960s. He recalls the following:

“Still at school, I found it in a poor state in the village of Cheslyn Hay, Staffordshire in 1967 or 68. A friend’s father towed it home for me and I spent a couple of years patching it up, sufficient to get it through an MOT. I now realise that it was ex-police with black paint being revealed under the many layers of paint and filler and having a larger than normal bonnet bulge, although someone explained that away at the time as provision for a previous supercharger installation, I believed him. I ran it for about a year before selling it in 1970/71, I can remember some details of the purchaser, as by then I lived in Crewe and agreed to deliver some spare parts as part of the deal, the purchaser had a farm very close to the Jodrell Bank radio telescope.”

Bob sent me an invoice from our old friends, Archway Engineering in Manchester. Included on the invoice were six 8 penny clutch bolts for 4 shillings.

He also recalled that in those early days he met Harry Crutchley, who was ‘just up the road’ from where he was living at the time and joined the Octagon as member number 93.

Ed’s note: FBT 113 is an ex-East Riding of Yorkshire police car (we think it is TC3070). There is a photo of the car, pictured as just one of the whole fleet at the time on The British Police History website. I am seeking permission to publish it.

KOE 194 (TC10223) and MRK 528 (TF????)

Ian Potts has been in touch regarding these two T-Types owned by him in the 1970s. KOE 194 has previously featured in Issue 44, but nothing has been forthcoming. I was however, able to show the picture that Ian sent to Sam Walker, who lives just around the corner from me. Sam owned the car over 60 years ago and sold it to raise a deposit on a house. Whilst KOE 194 is still around, that may not be the case for MRK 528, a lovely looking car.

CBJ 84 (TA0635)

Octagon member, Clint Smith has been in touch regarding this TA. He told me the following remarkable story:

Amazingly, at a car meet last year, I got talking to a chap who told me his first car was a TA. Without asking him he told me the registration number CBJ 84 and it turned out to be the very person from whom my father had purchased the car 55 years earlier!

Clint is keen to make contact with the current owner to pass on some of the car’s history and talk about his period of ownership up to round 1974.

The picture shows the car part way through restoration in the mid-60s. It is currently SORN’d.

MG TD (HJF 197)

Andrew Scott is trying to get in touch with the current owner of his late father’s 1952 TD. The photograph, which has recently come to light, was taken sometime prior to 1959.

His dad, who died at the age of 91, was a life-long MG enthusiast and Andrew still owns his last car, a1964 MGB, registration number AAY 2 B.

A DVLA enquiry shows that the TD is on the road and taxed.

Any leads on this TD (HJF 197) and TA (CBJ 84) to jj(at)ttypes.org [please substitute @ for (at)]

KPF195 (TC0924)

I’ve had an enquiry from a former owner of this TC. He thinks that the car might have gone to Switzerland. Any information to the Editor, please at the above e-mail address.

GAP 811 (TD10913)

A few weeks’ ago, the Editor noticed a ‘LOST AND FOUND’ entry in the MG Owners Club magazine Enjoying MG. It was from Patrick Havill, a previous owner of MG TD registration mark GAP 811. The offer of an entry in TTT 2’s ‘Lost & Found’ column was made and readily accepted. Here’s a period photo of the car taken in 1962 when Patrick won his class in the car, his first award in a speed event.

In the meantime, Patrick mentioned his quest in a phone conversation to a friend of his. Success! His friend sent him a link to an advert on the web from 2016 in which there was some correspondence. On opening the link, there was his old TD, which had been looked after for over 30 years by the same owner. The advert also gave the address details of the current owner, who was contacted by Patrick and who invited him to visit and drive the car. The owner agreed to sell GAP 811 to Patrick in view of his previous ownership and competition success with the car.

What a wonderful outcome!

GAP 811 back in Patrick Havill’s ownership after close on 55 years!

FRK 137 Where are you now?

Robert Mansfield has recently re-discovered a couple of photographs of a car he owned in 1965 when he and his wife were courting. The 1946 black TC had fawn interior and hood. Having checked with DVLA, it has a current SORN certificate.

It would be great to trace the owner to see how it looks now and to send photographs from 55 years ago. (photo will be included in next issue).

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  1. Colin Harris says:

    Where are you TC 2259!
    The last I saw it was on a Brown & Gammons trailer being taken in as part exchange for my present TC 0632. As far as I am aware it was sold as ‘non-running’ due to the fact it had no engine! It was not in very good shape and was going to be my retirement project. I would love to know what has happened to it .. it deserves much better than it got over the years before I bought it.

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