Lost and Found

TC9147 (LKX 499) If the owner of this TC cares to contact Sam Christie, Sam has an old MoT certificate for this car, dated 28th May 1992. Also, a receipt for the purchase dated 23rd August 2007. Vendor: The Occupier, Brookfield Cottage, Whitbourne, Worcestershire WR6 5SS – Purchaser: Phil Lomax (now deceased) of Frampton Cotterell, Bristol. The items were found in a TC Instruction Manual.

s_christie04(at)yahoo.co.uk {Please substitute @ for (at)}.

TC???? (MDH 938) This car was previously owned by TA owner, Tim Parrott’s neighbour, as a student in the 1960s. The car is shown on the DVLA web enquiry facility as on the road. If the current owner sees this would s/he please contact me at jj(at)ttypes.org {substitute @ for (at)}.

TA???? (DPX 61) David Patten would like to trace this TA owned by his grandfather.

David is at david.patten(at)tlssclaims.com {please substitute @ for (at)}.

TD25840 (YMG 98)

The last issue recorded how this car was used as a workhorse by its owner ‘Ron’ and described the unusual circumstances of its sale. The present owner, John Woodward saw the ‘Lost and Found’ article and contacted the editor. Both parties have now corresponded with each other and are due to meet up on a mutually convenient date.

TA3232 (MG 6641)

TA3232 was Ian Baker’s first car in 1963. He’d love to be able to track it down. If you can help Ian is at ian.baker42(at)gmail.com {substitute @ for (at)}.

TD25404 (MTX 279) John Bastin writes from France:

“In 1964 my wife and I went on our honeymoon in the MG, driving down through France into Italy, then back over the Alps into Switzerland, then Germany and back home.

We were camping, and it was our first visit to France, and the first time‌ driving on the Continent, so was quite an experience as you can imagine. In those days not a lot of people drove abroad, but nowadays it’s quite normal.

I’m informed the vehicle is on the road (i.e. not SORN’d) and would be interested to learn what it’s been doing since my ownership.

I now live in France and often think about my first trip here. My current car is a Porsche 944 cabriolet (28 years old) so I’m still enjoying a soft-top”.

If you can help John, please e-mail him at john.bastin(at)neuf.fr {please substitute @ for (at)}.

TB0520 (GRB 19)

Stewart Jackson used to own this TB. It was used as a Police car during the war (as were GRB 17 and GRB 18). Stewart kept the body plate as a souvenir (Body no. 2041/10803). He’d like to return it to its rightful owner.
stewartjackson1934(at)gmail.com {please substitute @ for (at)}.

Original Engine for TD0518

Greg Tandy gltan2(at)msn.com {please substitute @ for (at)} has the original engine for this TD. It is numbered XPAG/TD/LHX804. If not sold soon it will be going on eBay.

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