Lost and Found

A bumper crop for this issue!

First off the blocks is TC2277, Registration mark SX 5836. An early 1947 TC, registered in West Lothian on 3rd March, 1947. The current owner, David Whiteley david(at)whiteley0.plus.com {substitute @ for (at)} bought the car in 2012 from a Mr Maguire in Chepstow. She had one owner (according to DVLA) until 2006 when she was bought by Mr Maguire for restoration but, as occasionally happens he never got around to it and needed the space for other projects.

The previous owner was a Mr M.O. Bass who subsequently resided in Clock House Lane, Bramley, nr. GUILDFORD and sold the car on 1st May 2006. The original colour is thought to have been green.

The car is unusual in that it has a neatly installed strengthening hoop aft of the firewall, not unlike that found on a TD.

David would be pleased to hear from anybody who might have known of the car, or of Mr Bass.

The next car is TC3591 (HTF 933), an ex-Lancashire police car, now in the US. It was brought to the US in 1969 or 1970. It was always registered in the Lancashire area after it was released from police duty in 1955. When the car was in England it would have been white.  The odd thing is, it arrived in the USA with a trailer hitch.

If anybody has any information on the past history of HTF 933 Floyd Lancaster would love to know coyote_70(at)hotmail.com {substitute @ for (at)} and please note that it is coyote (underscore) 70 @ …

Malcolm Llewellyn is enquiring about his old 1947 TC HTD 303 (TC2765). Yet another ex-Lancashire police car, there is currently no trace of it. Hopefully it has not suffered the same fate as HTD 302 (TC2764) which is recorded as scrapped.

Malcolm recalls the following:

I used to weekend at Mayfield in Sussex and passed xxx motors on my 1937 350 cc Triumph every time. So saw this black MG. One day my uncle drove me over in his Mini and we called in and bought the MG in the window for £235 with two new tyres. This would have been in 1961.
I sold it to Hollands garage in Winchester in 1963 I guess and moved on to Ford saloons. Sadly I am not mechanically minded so was unable to maintain it like my brother can and does.

Malcolm can be contacted at marl(at)numada.com {substitute @ for (at)}

Colin Newby is enquiring about JOK 783, a late TC which he owned in the 60s. He says that the DVLA website shows it as licensed so would love to chat with the current owner and fill in some gaps in its history. The enquiry came via our Facebook page and I don’t have Colin’s contact details to hand but I’m sure we can get in touch. In the meantime perhaps any ‘leads’ could be passed to the Editor via the TTT 2 contact form.

Back in 1970 Harold Jacobs bought TC3506 from Anglo American Automobiles located at the Cedar Lodge, The White House, in Woodford Green, Essex. The registration mark was JC 8748. He is currently engaged in a frame up restoration and would like to trace the car’s history and where it was first registered. He can be contacted at geokir2(at)whidbey.com {substitute @ for (at)}

Ed’s note: JC was issued by Caernarvonshire and I have passed this information on to Harold along with the details of who to contact for any old Caernarvonshire records which might exist (it seems that quite a few do).

Another one from our Facebook page as follows: “Many years ago I owned a TA 1939, registration mark DTF 654 fitted with TC engine and gearbox. 50 years later I would wish to locate the TA, which I last saw in the 1970s in Redditch, Worcestershire UK. Any information please contact: https://www.facebook.com/martin.endsor “

Ed’s note: DTF 654 is/was TA3076 an ex-Lancashire police car. Hopefully it has survived.

Now for some information regarding TC4440 (HON 530). Here’s a scan of the original sales receipt.

It’s wonderful to have this and if the car has survived (it has not to my knowledge surfaced anywhere, but might have left the UK) I would be pleased to pass this on.

Also within a month of taking delivery of the TC it went back to the garage that supplied it to have a radio fitted. I also have the receipt for this but have not scanned it in to save space. However, the details were as follows:

For those who would like to check the addition, remember that there were 12 pence (d) to the shilling (s) and 20 shillings to the pound (£). I must admit that I struggled – but then, decimalisation was introduced in the UK 44 years ago!

Alas, after just over 16 months from taking delivery of the new TC it was sold on 29th August 1949 to the Solihull Motor Company, High Street, SOLIHULL (West Midlands) for £561 pounds and 10 shillings. £560 was paid by cheque and £1.10s.0d was paid in cash. I have the sales receipt.

Just a further bit of information on TC4440 (registration mark HON 530), the original body colour was red (Regency Red). This was indicated on the sales receipt from the Solihull Motor Company.