Bits and Pieces

Ron Ward, whose TC, which is being advertised below and graces the front cover, is also selling his high-spec spare TC engine.

Newly built XPAG 1500cc engine, complete to the following specification:

XPAW Block bored & linered at 72mm + .040 inch. Solid skirt four ring pistons.

Crank (crack tested) forging no. 168557 STD/STD, new shells.

Rods, Hi-Tensile Con Rod Bolts, Allen Cap Head Small End Pinch Bolts.

Fly wheel, lightweight, windowed, spider, steel, 120 tooth ring, 8 x allen cap head bolts.

Clutch, 7 ½ inch diameter diaphragm, all balanced.

Lip seals front & rear (using speedi sleeve), new billet steel ‘fast road’ (280⁰) camshaft, fitted Vernier timing sprocket set at 109 degrees, new bearings, bucket cam followers, combined horizontal oil pump/filter with spin on filter conversion.

Sump, large capacity 10 ½ pint T.F. Sump, central pick up.

Cylinder Head, “Laystall” aluminium large valve, bronze guides, short springs, aluminium spacer, metro guide top oil seals, block pocketed to clear, ported & balanced.

Engine has TC type front engine plate/mounting (TD/TF available).

Ready to fit & run in. Built initially as my spare engine.

Ron Ward – (01422) 823649 or 07790 458386

TC rolling chassis For Sale

Digby Elliott has asked me to advertise his TC project as follows:

Complete MG TC Rolling Chassis.  All major components repaired or replaced, crack tested where appropriate and prepared to original specification ready for assembly.     Engine and gearbox are available as optional.   Details on request.  07836-754034.

‘Then and now’ features

I’ve had a few comments from readers who would like to see more of these following the ‘write-up’ on Oliver Richardson’s mum in the last issue. I have a few ‘up my sleeve’.

I appear to have mislaid a comment, the gist of which said ‘she looks as good today as she did 50 years ago’.

TC2895 (ESR 57) is For Sale (see front cover picture)

I bought this 1947 TC in 1984 in a semi derelict/dismantled condition. Stripped it completely to the bare chassis which was dimensionally checked, shot blasted and painted. The body tub was stripped of all metal paneling, all rotten wood was replaced, retaining as much original wood as possible. Preservative treated & re skimmed in aluminium including the doors. The four wings, scuttle top, bonnet, petrol tank & front apron are original steel having undergone much refurbishment.

The interior is dark blue leather (collingburn) with black duck hood, side screens and full length tonneau cover (individual, matching bucket seats fitted).

The car was re licensed, MOT’d & put back on the road in May 2003 (the first time since 1963). Original registration number.

Specification: Chassis, Running Gear

Springs: Front, New, Fitted with two extra top leaves (ie. Lowering the front by approx ½“) No 2 leaves thicker. polybushed rear shackles. Bushed front eye.

Rear: Retempered and set, NO 2 leaf thicker, locating washers either side of the front silent blocks, rear shackles polybushed.

Shocks: Telescopic front & rear 1950’s conversion kit.

Back Axle: ‘Phil Marino USA’, tapered, keyed, threaded high tensile half shafts, hubs taper bored & keyed to suit, sealed bearings, machined & shimmed bearing carriers, bearing locking rings incorporating oil seals (ie. Dry rear brakes) diff ratio 4.2:1 Hypoid, all taper roller bearings.

Front Axle: Straightened, all angles jig checked. New kingpins & bushes, shimmed thrust washers, stub axles inserted with new high tensile shafts. Hub bearings opposed taper rollers, pre-loaded with shimmed spacers.

Steering ; Datsun type 140/141, re circulating ball, solid shaft steering box and column, panhard rod/hydraulic steering damper, heavy duty rod end track rods. Rod end anti tramp bars fitted.

Brakes: Front double leading shoe (TD/F/YB) with cooling air scoops and exit holes, front & rear Datsun (240/260 Z) Aluminium finned drums, Goodrich high pressure hoses. MGB remote servo and hydraulic brake light switch.

Wheels: 15” x 5.5J centre laced, 60 spoke fitted with 15” x 185 radial tyres. Powder coated silver.

Engine: Wolseley 4/44 XPAW (round water hole), block number 30029, over bored plus 140” giving 1380 cc, pistons solid skirt, 3 ring ‘aerolite’ USA. Dip stick repositioned as TC. Lip seals front & back.

Crank: Late type (forging number 168557) mains .010” journals .010”, glacier shells, end float .004”. High tensile con rod bolts, Allen cap head small end clamp bolts. All Loctite sealed.

Fly Wheel: Lightweight, windowed, steel, ‘spider’ 120 tooth ring. Allen cap head bolts, wired.

Clutch: 7 ½ inch diaphragm, ¾ inch diameter clutch operating shaft. Ball bearing clutch release.

Camshaft: Crane part number 340-0010, three quarter grind, adjustable timing sprocket set at 105 degrees. New bucket type followers, standard size (STD) new bearings.

Head: Laystall aluminium (dated 1953), large valve, bronze guides, short springs, aluminium spacer, metro guide top oil seals, 32mm chamber capacity, 10.4:1 compression ratio (block pocketed to clear), ported & balanced.

Induction/Exhaust: Derrington 4 into 2 into 1 extractor, incorporating inlet, 2 x 1½ inch SU/s, heat shield, spacers, K & N cone filters with stub stacks, air scoop intake on bonnet side, straight through large bore exhaust.

Lubrication: Large capacity 10 ½ pint TF sump, central pick up, baffled front/back, side/side with oil temp take off. Late type, horizontal combined oil pump/filter with auto priming, fitted with thermostatically controlled oil cooler adapter, taking a disposable oil filter cannister, Oil cooler radiator under the front apron, large, 20 P.S.I. oil warning light to dashboard.

Balancing: Con rods, end to end, pistons & crank separately, crank, fly wheel, clutch, sprocket, pulley & dog all balanced as a unit & marked.

Distributor: Electronic, negative earth, coil to suit, advance curve to suit camshaft/engine specification (calibrated/engineered by H&H).

Cooling:  New water pump, XPAW Pulley, plastic multi blade fan, expansion tank pressurised at 4 P.S.I. Smiths re circulating type interior heater fitted.

Gearbox: Ford type 9 five speed, all syncro having uprated first gear ratio of 2.89 (3.65) also heavy duty layshaft/laygear, large roller modification giving overall ratios of 2.89, 1.97, 1.37, 1.00, 0.82. Drain plug added.

Additional: Battery re located to rear (as TA/B), master cut off switch fitted, new wiring loom, everything independently earthed, high level brake/rear lights & flashing indicators, air horns, reversing light, rear fog light, brake light behind the spare wheel, all period Lucas 494. Matching 7” period Lucas fog and ‘flame thrower’ spotlights. Anti-run on valve, aluminium rocker box. Luggage rack. Solid state negative earth FACET petrol pump. ‘Filter King’ pressure regulator set at 2.5 P.S.I. Sat Nav/Mobile phone charger socket. Hi Torque Starter Motor.          90 BHP   CRUISE AT 70/75 MPH at just under 4000 RPM

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