Bits and Pieces

Brass Petrol Filter

The following has been received from Mick Pay:

I decided to make up a petrol filter for my TA as I was getting sediment in the pump and float chambers and as it will probably get worse due to ethanol I decided I must do something . I bought a cheap chrome filter from eBay with connections for push on rubber pipe but didn’t think it would look good in my TA engine compartment, so I made up the No.1 model as the picture of it fitted shows, using the 100 micron filter and other bits from the chrome one. It caused quite a bit of interest, so I now make them to order, No. 2 model, not only for T-Types but any older car.

New petrol filter number 1 shown fitted.

I have just made one for a 1907 vehicle (can’t recall the make) it is to be fitted on the dash board, I think there is a petrol tap up there. Any one interested I am sure John will pass on my email or phone number, prices are around £48 including p&p Variable due to price of brass. The filter comes with 1/4 bsp female threads in the ends and copper pipe couplings can be supplied.

New petrol filter number 2.

….. and, whilst we are on the subject of brass, there’s more from Mick:

Brass Spare Plug Holder

A few years ago a friend of mine made me up a brass spare plug holder very similar to the bakelite ones that can be bought as replicas of those used years ago. Again it caused a fair amount of interest so I decided to make some myself, and they seem to be catching on well. I now make them to order the price is around £43 for a 4 plug model including postage variable due again to the price of brass. Plugs are not supplied.

And there’s yet more!!!

TC Rev Counter Gearbox

A friend of mine with a TC had a broken gear box on the rev counter drive, and remembering an article I had seen a few years ago I think it was by Bob Butson on how he had repaired a similar unit I thought I would have a go. The TC unit in question was cracked and when I took it apart it just fell to bits due to deterioration of the aluminium, the gears were OK and so was the back, the side facing the dynamo, so I set to work and made the larger side, as I call it the front.

“Before” – with badly cracked casing

First of all I had to super glue the bits together to get a more accurate idea of the sizes and position of the fixing holes. The aluminium was turned up as pattern and the whole thing bolted together, it has been working now on the car for some months now with no problem.

“After” – now expertly repaired

I could possibly repair these for less than half the cost of a new one, subject to the condition of the gears and cable connections etc. but I would have to look at it to decide. Mick Pay (TA2073 ‘Primrose’)

Noggin End Metals

Reference was made to this company in Eric Worpe’s article on front leaf springs. Eric has since e-mailed me to say that the bronze shim pack mentioned in his article was not included on the company’s website when he wrote the article but by the time you read this it should have been included. He also suggested that the shim pack is worth investing in now for use in the future.


Further to the item in the previous issue of TTT 2 the TD springs have sold well and at the time of writing just one pair remains from the six pairs which were commissioned. The TF springs have not sold quite so well and at the time of writing there are two pairs remaining.

Just to recap, the price is £105 plus VAT per spring, plus delivery. The transaction will be directly between the motor spring supplier (Brost Forge, LONDON N7) and the buyer. My involvement has been to arrange for the batches to be made, and to advise the spring maker of orders received by me. I have no pecuniary interest in the transactions.

When I have cleared the decks from the TD & TF little venture I intend (subject to demand) to organise another batch of TC rear springs and also a batch of TA/TB rear springs. The price is likely to be around £110 plus VAT per spring and expressions of interest will be welcomed.

Click for bigger version


We’re pleased to announce the launch of a new tool for the website: a cars/parts finder for MG T-Series items on eBay provided by MGAuctionWatch. The application allows parts items to be searched and sorted by TA/B/C and TD/TF and by over a dozen different categories, making it much easier to sift through the daily selection of ‘T’ parts on eBay.

The application currently works with eBay UK, USA and Australia but it is hoped that it will be expanded in the coming weeks to also help members in Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

You can try out the new tool by visiting (and bookmarking) the following link: MG T-Series Parts Search for eBay.


A reader reports a very good experience when dealing with The Green Spark Plug Company, they supplied a set of Champion L82C plugs for his TC at a total cost of £10.33 including postage and a delivery time of 2 days. Great service!


Marco Di Paolo e-mailed this photograph of a crashed TC. The accident occurred at the inauguration of the “Autodromo de la ciudad de Buenos Aires” (the motor racing circuit in Buenos Aires) in 1952. The driver, Felix Martinez was killed.

The photo was published in the Magazine “Coche a la vista” from April 1952. This magazine is still in publication.

Marco tells me that he is hoping to come over for the Goodwood Revival next year – one good reason why I should make an effort to attend!


Here at TTT 2 we get a tremendous ‘buzz’ from helping people and we find that a little bit of advice or a nod in the right direction is handsomely repaid, usually in the form of an expression of gratitude, but sometimes by way of a donation.

When we received an e-mail from the other side of the world about problems with a UK supplier we immediately sprang into action.

The supplier took an order at the end of March for goods to the value of £606.35 and our subscriber’s credit card was debited on 3rd April. Delivery was not made as promised. Delivery was then promised in a couple of weeks. Again, delivery was not made as promised. Subsequently, various delivery dates were promised, but none were met.

Finally, at the beginning of August, the supplier advised that one of the main parts ordered would be available in one week but the price had increased from £250 to £450. Exasperated by now, particularly at the 80% increase in one of the parts, our subscriber asked for his money back.

On August 7th our subscriber received an email promising a refund within 5/10 days. The refund was not received in this time frame as promised. Whilst previously all emails were responded to in a timely fashion, this was not now the case as e- mails sent in late August and again in early September were seemingly ignored.

Your Editor phoned the company on receipt of the subscriber’s e-mail on 17th September, asking for help. There was no explanation or apology from the company but the refund was promised and I e- mailed our subscriber (an extract follows):

“By some miracle (which I’m sure wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t said that you are a friend of mine and this has been going on for far too long) the lady who does the refunds is in tomorrow and your refund of £606.35 will be processed tomorrow.

Please give it a couple of days and let me know if your refund has been received. There’s no way that you won’t receive it as I have a big stick in reserve!”

True to their word (for once!) the company credited our reader’s credit card account on 20th September and a few days later a £50 donation was received from our grateful subscriber.

Whilst the majority of traders are honest in their dealings it pays to use bona fide suppliers. Those we list in our Parts Suppliers on the website are regarded as bona fide suppliers who, in the main, have been notified to us as such by our subscribers/members. Word soon gets around in the T-Type community about unsatisfactory service and more often than not we get to hear about it.


Whilst we have not reached the end of 2014 yet it almost feels like it with the supermarkets already playing Christmas carols. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the past year and I’m well pleased with the continuing success of TTT 2 and which are a real force to be reckoned with… bravo!