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Interleaf Spring Pads for TD/TF/Y Rear Springs made from Nylatron

Nylatron is said to have high mechanical strength, stiffness, hardness and toughness, good fatigue resistance, high mechanical damping ability, good sliding properties and excellent wear resistance. A batch of interleaf spring pads for TD/TF and Y-type rear springs has been arranged by the Editor. The cost is £1.87 per pad, which compares favorably with commercially available rubber pads.

New Rear Springs for TD and TF models

Progress is being made and I will shortly have an original spring from which to copy. The springs would be Made in England by an old established spring maker and have drillings for the interleaf spring pads (some commercially available springs don’t). The same arrangements for payment would apply as for the TC springs i.e. the spring maker would invoice the customer and dispatch the springs direct. A guide price is £100 plus VAT per spring. Expressions of interest would be welcome to jj(at) {substitute @ for (at)}. Alternatively, use the form on the website to get in touch.

The Green Spark Company

Michael Moran has received good service from this company. Website is Postal address is ‘Mocliffe’, 29 Northwhich Road, Cranage, Cheshire CW4 8HL. Mike describes the company as “An incredible supplier of ignition parts. Many colours of braided cable and HT Plug Lead numbers to shrink fit or clip-on in both yellow and white. Excellent service and prompt reply to questions.”

EP Services – Water Pump Re-conditioning

Yet another glowing testimonial for EP Services. Adrian Sheppard reports as follows:

“E P Services of Wolverhampton provided stunningly good service in reconditioning my TA water pump when it really mattered to me. I needed it urgently to take my daughter to her wedding and they really put themselves out”.

Motor Insurance

David Pelham reports on the competitiveness of Footman James vis a vis Hagerty as follows:

“It is now a year since I moved my Classic Car Insurance policy to Hagerty. If you recall I had a renewal from Footman James in February 2012 for £427.02, an increase of £78.44 (22.5%) from the 2011 policy costs. When queried I was told that insurance costs had risen and this was the best price available. I renewed with Hagerty at a cost of £245.66, a saving of £181.36!!

I recently received a letter from Footman James inviting me, to contact them, via a premium rate number to give me a quote for 2013. After finding a direct (included on my call plan) number from I called them. The quote I received this year was £346.82. This represented a saving of £80.20 from their 2012 quote, despite an increase of £6,000 on car values. One can only assume that rates must have gone down or Aon (Footman James’ parent company) are ‘feeling the pinch’ with classic car owners deserting them.

As a matter of interest my renewal with Hagerty this year has been quoted as £245.66, no increase on last year’s premium. I will be renewing with them but am saddened that my saving this year is “only” £101.16!”

A Modern Midget engine in a TD?

Ian Bush asks if anyone has fitted a Modern Midget engine (BMC ‘A’ Series) in a TD?

Alternative to a TA cracked cylinder block

Neil Arnold e-mailed me as follows:

“Having rebuilt my TA engine a number of times over the last 45 years, I have finally succumbed to a very cracked block. I have fitted a 1939 Morris engine with a 5 speed Sierra box. It’s wonderful to drive…Horror of all horrors!! Any comments?”

Heights of Danger DVD

A Daredevil MG TD Sports Car Alpine Race Adventure on DVD.

Jonathan Goddard kindly drew my attention to this DVD (available from Amazon and on eBay). It also got a mention in Issue 3, courtesy of Ted Hack.

In addition to this original 1953 “Heights of Danger” title story there are a number of other features:

A Safety Fast 1948 short film by the Nuffield Organisation showing MG’s racing in West Palm Beach Florida; ‘Goldie’ Gardner in Germany setting the 1Km record run at 204mph in a 12hp M.G., followed by original movie shots of the TD assembly line in Abingdon where the building of the TD is followed by Ian Appleyard taking this TD straight off the production lines, registration FMO 960, and driving from Abingdon via Central London to Dover, before being lifted aboard a ferry for the channel crossing and the 700m trip, via. Paris, to Val d’Isere in the French Alps, for the skiing.

(This story was recounted in The Autocar, January 27 1950, which details the Lowlands’ Skiing Championships as well as towing the British ski team on the icy roads!).

In addition period film details the skiing Championships at Utah in 1945, followed by amateur racing car drivers racing around a course in West Palm Beach, Florida.

The Festival of Britain 1951 has exhibit B801 a MG on show before being transported to Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, where with Goldie Gardner a number of records including the one hour at 137.4mph.

‘Goldie’ Gardner appears again on a German autobahn in 1951 at Dassau, breaking the International kilometre record at 137.4mph.

Stirling Moss in 1957 at Bonneville in MG EX-181, achieves 2Km at 224mph and breaks 5 records.
New Twin Cam MGA, in 1958, at MIRA testing track (car registration) ORX 885 achieving 2 miles per minute.

Goldie Gardner at Bonneville in MG EX-135, 1952. Reported in detail in The Autocar August 29 1952, and in Autosport September 5 1952.

MGA Twin Cam Production model 1958. Achieves 2 miles a minute.

Oil Thermometer (optional extra on TD)

Another ‘offering’ from Jonathan Goddard. Jon helped me answer a query from a South African reader about the oil gauge on a TD. Here’s his response to the query:

“The TD up to chassis number TD13913 only had the oil pressure gauge, from TD 13914 the combined Oil & Water gauge was fitted. I also understand that an oil thermometer (temperature) instrument (gauge) was available as a factory option and was fitted to the far right of the dashboard (on RHD cars). See attached picture. The fitting of this instrument required a 2 inch hole to be drilled through the dashboard, and its design and size matched the other gauges (Voltage and Oil/Water).”

Issue 18 (June 2013)

I hope to be able to publish the latest information from the Manchester XPAG project which will have been presented by the students to the ‘T’ Register ‘Rebuild 2013’ event on 23rd March.

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